Opening a pop-up store is one of the best ways to build buzz for your brand. Reach new audiences, and generate more sales for your business. To help you get started on your pop-up adventure, I previously wrote about how to approach setting goals for your pop-up store. How to identify these goals that can better inform decisions about creating an included sales experience. Now, it’s time to re-examine your goals and priorities, and start crafting a marketing strategy. The assumption that you’ve chosen the location , scouted to the best of your abilities. Negotiated a good deal with the owner, and have a perfect interior design for your store.

But, before you start marketing your pop-up store. It’s important to remember that regardless of the campaign you’re launching, the messages you Indonesia Phone Number send out need to have a strong hook. Create urgency and target the people writing about it. product or promise that you are selling. In this post, we’re going to explore how you can take advantage of traditional media outlets, engage with influencers, learn how to craft an editorial calendar for your social strategy, and finally, when to turn to guerrilla marketing .

For Example the Following

Perfect your public relations strategy First of all, let’s debunk all the “mainstream media is not dead” rumours. In addition, people still love shopping in stores, they will still watch TV and read print magazines, and they still enjoy attending meetings and conferences in person. Now, when it comes to targeting traditional media , the key point to keep in mind is knowing what your customer reads and targeting publishers who cover the right thing.

Sounds basic, right? But to effectively deal with traditional media outlets, be sure to remember two basic principles. Make your job easier by releasing content they can use, and 2) know their posting schedule. Also, the time between launching your story and getting it published is longer than it takes for online publishing. As a benchmark I say 2-3 months earlier for local print, and 2 weeks earlier in mainstream media. Online. For example, the following local online publications routinely cover pop-ups: time out racked Most importantly. Don’t just do a generic press email blast, but have a unique, focused message for each writer. On what they cover and what their readers might value. For more tools and tactics to get your store picked up by the press, read this .

Local Online Publications

Get started with influencer marketing Now you are wondering, how can I get influencers to become my followers? In other words, how do you get them to visit your store, take a photo and post it on Instagram, and hopefully write about your store? For starters, you have to think of them as press. They want to know what’s hot, what’s new, what’s cool, just like a journalist would. And if you can give them that message, you can capture your next “fan”. Start by creating a list of the key influencers and bloggers you want to see your pop-up and reach, putting in different incentives for them to engage. A great way to engage influencers is to throw a launch party and invite an exclusive list in your local area.

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