“This year it’s decided, my company is launching on the internet and social networks”. Which Reunionese business manager has not made this remark at Tuvalu Email List once? Relevant remark after all. Over 500,000 people are registered locally on Facebook and over 150,000 on Instagram . Likewise, 70% of those 13 and over regularly use the internet on the island. Figures that inevitably arouse interest.

But if the desire to jump into the deep digital bath is commendable, you still have to know how to do it so as not to end up with your head underwater. Any good web professional will tell you: on the web as elsewhere, there is no success without a strategy. It should therefore not be improvised on a corner of the table and it is essential to ask yourself a series of questions in order to design it correctly. Among these, we have listed 6 that business leaders often tend to forget. Review details:

What Is The Interest Of The Internet For My Activity?

Ok, you want to get started with digital marketing. The first question you must ask yourself is obviously whether the internet is really of interest to your business and if so, which one. Would you like to find new customers through the web? Use social networks to provide additional information or new services to those who already know your company? Do you want to post content on Facebook in order to gain notoriety? No need to tell you that each need is different and that it is therefore crucial to analyze yours properly.

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If you have a small convenience store, you may only need a Facebook page to display your mailing address as well as your hours. On the other hand, if you manage a hotel with more than 200 rooms, you may also need a very careful editorial strategy for your Facebook page, an Instagram account to post eye-catching visuals as well as a website that allows make reservations online.

What Are The Tools / Platforms They Use?

Now that you know their uses, you have to define which tools and / or platforms they use. Take the example of prospects who use the internet to communicate. They can either use deferred communication tools such as e-mails, or instant messaging such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or SMS … The same goes for social networks: each platform has its use. In general, Facebook is used for entertainment, Twitter for information, LinkedIn for work etc.

It is ESSENTIAL that you know which tools / platforms are used by your targets in order to reach them more effectively. This will allow you, for example, to avoid posting news on Twitter if none of your customers are using the microblogging network for information. The result is a saving of time and money . This is surely one of the most neglected questions by business leaders even though it is one of the most important in building a good digital strategy. Let’s summarize a bit: you know what the internet can do for you, you know that your customers and my prospects are there and you even know what and how they are doing there.

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