Digital or digital? Here is the question , or rather there has not been the question for a long time (60 years or so), and I will demonstrate it to you in a few Peru WhatsApp Number List and direct references. Not a day, week, month or year goes by without my being challenged, often on social media, but not only, on the correctness or not of the adjective “digital” in all its variations.

It was very interesting to really see how very nimble large companies can be when it comes to making decisions with a knife to your throat. The decline of email, the “old” customer service channel, in favor of chat and chatbotsEmail and telephone are still there and the uses are strong, but they are losing points year after year.

Digital Or Digital: That Is Not The Question

I would be a follower of American or worse, British cultural imperialism, I would distort the language, in short, I would be a breaker of linguistic ideal. Which is, I tell you, a long way from my intentions. With thousands of articles published in French, and taking care each time to explain foreign terms when they are unavoidable, I think I have done more for the French language and its dissemination than the authors of laconic comments on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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While we’re at it, buzzword is a buzzword and it has no satisfactory equivalent (“fashionable expression” … hmmm, no!) In French, no more than “vis a vis” or “cul de sac “Neither” Honi is who badly thinks about it “nor” Dieu et mon droit “have an English translation because our languages ​​are borrowed, without even mentioning the incestuous history between France and England from 1066 and for the next 250 years. All the more so since I am bilingual, have been a translator and interpreter, and spend most of my time juggling from one language to another (and even with a third when I have the leisure) with, I hope so much respect for both.

Also In English, The First Meaning Of “Digital” Refers To “Fingers”

And this is normal, because the term comes from Latin. A language that, strangely, we often master better in Anglo-Saxon countries than in France, which claims to be Latin and which is not really so, where we struggle to put an “s” in “data”, already plural of “datum”, for example. Here I show you the Merriam Webster’s Definition, which is an American dictionary, but very well done, and offers clearer definitions than Cambridge Online.

We cannot be clearer than in definition 2. But you can see that the first meaning of the term is also that of French. Then there are the following definitions: (4) “composed of data in the form of especially binary digits” thus the zeros and ones of computing (5) “providing a readout in numerical digits” thus the clocks, for example , which allow you to read a live poster in figures and not on a dial (6) “relating to an audio recording method in which sound waves are represented digitally” for digitally recorded music and finally the (7) “ELECTRONIC: digital devices / technology ”with“ digital ”in the sense of the electronic device itself. So, digital or digital? Both my captain, but “digital” is the word dedicated … for as long as I breathe, which gives you my year of birth.

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