Before making any efforts in digital marketing, it is important to know what type of actions you want to take. A marketing budget can be allocated to a Uzbekistan Email List action or a targeted action. In both cases, it is essential to take stock of the needs. In this article, we will define the main levers in which it is unthinkable today not to allocate a marketing budget if you do not want to miss out on new opportunities!

Anne-Caroline Paucot sees a lot of positive momentum on the side of hospitalization. Thanks to connected applications and machines, patients can, for example, reduce their hospital stay and be monitored remotely. Surgeons may have time for other things when the robot does an operation for him.

Fabrice Epelboin, worried about cybersecurity and the hacking of connected health objects, thinks that at least the adoption of these techniques by the general public will allow everyone to take the issues more seriously and to better understand them.

The Website

Your website reflects your brand’s image on the Internet, so it is essential to allocate a certain budget for it. It’s as if you wanted to build a house, you have to make a point of having a base in order to build better afterwards! A quality site goes through its aesthetics and ergonomics but also through good referencing on search engines! Indeed, when your house is built, it will have to be found. A bit like a directory, being well referenced will bring you significant traffic.

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In order to obtain this traffic, the blog remains today a compulsory investment. Beyond the financial aspect, maintaining a blog will require time and very specific skills. This is why it is necessary to properly define at the outset, if the company has the necessary skills. Internally, it is possible either to go through the training of employees already present or to hire a new person. Externally, it is possible to go through agencies or freelancers, but in all cases this at a certain cost.

Content Creation

In order to regularly feed the blog , a part of your digital marketing budget will have to be allocated to the creation of the content. Let’s assume that you already have the in-house skills to make video content, but you don’t have the tools yet, so you will need to invest in hardware. Likewise, by using an agency, it will obviously be necessary to pay for their services. Content marketing is a very effective method of inbound marketing in 2017 , the goal being to attract, not to expose.

As you can see, we have nothing for nothing. As long as you want to offer quality service, it is best to surround yourself with the right people and the right tools. Do not lose sight of the fact that the content of the blog will allow to “feed” the future prospects and to qualify them thereafter. The big challenge for tomorrow’s health is to transform it into positive and predictive health. Uwé Diegel recalls that it is a sector carrying resources since being a universal right in France, state expenditure represents between 15 and 20% of the overall budget.

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