The health crisis we are experiencing obviously has economic and ethical repercussions on a global scale. The concerns and uncertainties are Nigerian Email Database changing quickly and the behavior of Internet users, as they weaken the companies . In Reunion Island as everywhere in the world, they are effectively impacted at all levels: administrative, financial, operations, sales and marketing.

So what can be done to maintain its growth, or even its activity, in this period of crisis ? How to (re) think about your digital marketing to get through this period solidly? Here are some thoughts on the attitudes to adopt. Are you unsure whether your website is effective? Do you doubt the relevance of your content on social networks? Ask us for an audit of your digital strategy, it’s free. Be careful, the exercise can be tricky and you should not rush. An inappropriate reaction would risk being counterproductive and creating a snowball effect. We must therefore take the time to analyze the message to adapt the content and form of the response.

1 / Keep In Touch With Social Networks

Containment requires, more than half of the world population is called to stay at home. Logically, Internet users are riveted on their screens (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.). Either to seek information, or to connect with their relatives, or to (tele) work. Global traffic has increased by 70% in areas where containment is strongest, according to Omdia .

Nigerian Email Database

Faced with a lot of uncertainties, Internet users are naturally worried: about the duration of the situation, about the future, about their health, about their businesses, etc. It is therefore essential for brands to know how to listen to what their communities are saying. This is all the more true today as the consequences of a poorly thought out message are more serious and lasting.

Optimize Advertising Spending

Number of queries, subjects searched, questions asked: on Google, since the start of the Civ-19 crisis, the cards have been completely reshuffled. Some subjects have seen their popularity fall (tourism, flights, etc.) and others on the contrary increase (health, short circuits, etc.). So the costs and results of the ads will vary . It is therefore essential to carefully monitor the results to effectively arbitrate your campaigns.

Likewise, on Facebook or LinkedIn, behavior is changing. The areas of interest and published content change rapidly according to current events. So the characteristics of audiences are also changing . Particular care should be taken with advertising content, to avoid appearing completely out of sync with the situation because of a simple oversight.

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