Are you a student looking for a work-study program from September 2021? Why join us? Because you will be accompanied by an expert in digital Mexico Email List who has more than 20 years of business experience . You will benefit from an agile environment that will really allow you to learn and progress during your work-study program. You will never be alone. You will work on many different projects and tools.

For example the DUT (Technological University Diploma) Information-communication option Advertising will allow you to acquire all thekey operational skills at Bac level, it is issued in 7 IUT (University Institutes of Technology) on French territory.

You Will Gain Experience And Discover The Field Of Digital Communication.

Digital Marketing Creation and writing of content for social networks, website … Support for the implementation of a digital communication or digital marketing strategy, content creation, SEO, website Participation in the launch and development of a new brand. The profile sought Profile Minimum license
Appetite for graphics and the web But above all : Someone motivated, Someone enterprising, Someone creative Rather south of Nantes (Pays de Retz) [From September 2021]

Mexico Email List

#recruitment #alternation #communication #digital #numerique #nantes #formation #webmarketing # young graduates #job # 1jeune1solution Traditional digital training: is there a typical master? The more general masters (InfoCom, Language Sciences or Letters, etc.) henceforth integrate communication and the media into their program, the business environment and culture , information and communication technologies and even more so. theoretical, the humanist web… Both operational and strategic approaches are discussed there. General and sufficient aspects to start and grow professionally in the marketing sector . On the other hand, in order to improve oneself and take on responsibilities in a position, a post-diploma specialization will seem necessary .

The Diversity Of Distance Learning Materials

The school can also offer a Masters in Digital Marketing e-Business in alternation , that is to say financed by the host company on a rhythm which alternates days in company and in school (diploma registered in the RNCP of level 7). Recruitment is made to holders of a BAC + 3 (communication, humanities, literary, LEA, commerce, management, audiovisual, computer graphics or multimedia). They are 2 years of Masters that develop various skills in digital strategy and 360 marketing , mobile marketing , project management or CRM tools ….

What reinforces the operational aspect of the cycle: it is the participation in technical projects of creation and optimization of sites or a mission ofconsulting . These schools are numerous, it is up to you to make your choice according to your learning objectives . Internships are also a good option to take less risks but gain skills.

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