In a context of digital transformation, human capital is at the heart of all concerns: Soft skills , increased skills, distance training, Namibia Email List is on the rise! Did you know that there is coaching for all the areas of activity that you were looking for? From sports training, to management , to professional coaching in the digital sector! Today online coaching, e-coaching or digital coach are becoming the new HR action plans.

But for what reasons should we think about digital coaching? Is it effective for genuinely gaining skills? And what is the return on investment of such a project? The best coaches are just a few clicks away from giving you their advice! In the continuity of Digitale Active, in partnership with the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Google has launched the Google Digital Workshops , free training centers accessible to all in which, coaches provide face-to-face digital awareness training .

Our Digital Coaching In 5 Steps :

Define your targets well and maintain a SMART objective in all circumstances (Specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and temporally defined) Good digital communication adapts to the expectations of Internet users Beware of appearances and false information online, especially in digital marketing
Avoid getting caught up in the jungle of content, produce premium and differentiating content ! Communicate as a team so as not to face your problems alone and open your field of vision

Namibia Email List

Four physical centers were created in 2018 in Montpellier, Nancy, Rennes and Saint-Étienne , with the aim of training rural populations in digital technology. Each regional branch thus developing its own activities. These training workshops were supported by numerous recognitions, prizes, and very positive feedback and unanimous opinions . Moreover, the Google Digital Workshops have made it possible to train more than 500,000 profiles across the country since their creation in 2012.

Digital Coaching: A Distance Training In Webmarketing

For each digital issue, digital coaching. Training in digital communication has become essential in order to survive on the web and get up to date with essential everyday technological tools. Professional coaching is aimed at many targets, entrepreneurs, independents or VSE managers , in short, digital marketing enthusiasts who wish to develop their business thanks to the good veins of the web !

A digital professional supports you in your digital transformation or in the development of an optimal and efficient strategy . You benefit from training and just as many solutions, answers and tips to put in place to allow you to navigate in the digital sphere (… and get your head out of the water!). According to a survey carried out by CoachHub (No.1 platform for digital coaching in Europe) on 1059 Europeans, coaching has a social aim : 22% of people questioned consider that coaching would increase confidence and increase team productivity. . For 70% of respondents , it is mainlymaximize their abilities and / or get a substantive project off the ground.

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