Albertine Meunier , digital artist who has been working since 1998 using the internet as her Colombia Email Address material, has decided to create a digital work in real time around Google. His new project started in December 2010 is called Google Give Me Five . As his Arte Creative blog explains:

From the mass of our research surely emerges the trends of our time, the tics of our repetitions, the hiccups of the news, in a word “us” to the power of Google (…) Google, Give me 5 calls out to Google, our everyday friend, asking him in a friendly way: Google, Give me 5 (give me 5), give me 5 words, 5 expressions or 5 names. Give me 5 chances. Then appear like a litany, day after day, the 5 most typed requests on (…) Then scrolls through a series of strangeness and oddities of these searches which are not mine, but which are the majority reflection of the day.

Discover the Google Give Me 5 project by clicking here

His work is in fact based on the “hot searches” of the day that Google compiles daily on Google Trends . Through Google Give Me 5 , Albertine Meunier in fact asks the question of whether our Google searches, a daily act that may seem insignificant to us, can make sense. If the traces that we leave on search engines could not ultimately lead to a digital path hitherto unsuspected.

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Albertine had already worked on her own Google searches on a project called My Google Search History , to be discovered here. Through this site and the Changer Sodexo Youtube channel which offers videos denouncing the unacceptable working conditions imposed by Sodexo on its employees around the world, these citizen activists have succeeded in bending the multinational. In fact, on March 8, 2011, Sodexo agreed to “ settle a case submitted to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concerning its policy on the right of expression of its employees with regard to the media” . A first victory for citizen action.

As His Arte Creative Blog Explains:

Until now Sodexo had a very strict and extremely restrictive media policy because the company required that its employees do not speak on “any subject” without the prior consent of a manager. But thanks to the actions carried out by these 2.0 activists , Sodexo published a new media policy ” which is no longer likely to infringe the freedom of expression of employees with regard to their working conditions and the problems encountered on their workplace. Sodexo must notify all its employees in the United States of this policy change ”.

Citizen action therefore no longer has borders when it comes to attacking multinationals. In the United States, activists operate exactly the same as in France with the site and the CleanUpSodexo Youtube channel.

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