Despite the fact that we were experiencing a global. Crisis due to the pandemic, our level of engagement was well above average. People were looking for high quality digital content. And well…modesty aside, here at rock content. We are very good at what we do.

However, and to our surprise, when we launched. The buyer persona generator, the results did not reach the peaks. That we expected. The audience just didn’t engage with the experience until. The very end. We could see the movement, but the number of conversions. Left a bitter taste in our mouths.

And Since There Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

Aren’t enough memorable experiences available online for such an important topic, why not optimize our own and help our audience? So, I immersed myself in the universe of the Ion platform to Ecuador WhatsApp Number List understand from the inside how to turn the Buyer Persona Generator into memorable content.

What wasn’t working and how I improved it
After a while of analyzing the data, user behavior, wording, and a few other criteria, I came to an overview of what wasn’t working. Below I’ll show you how I improved it and a bunch of best practices in case you need to optimize and boost your own Ion experience.

The Copywriting (the copy) Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

As a professional copywriter, the first thing that caught my eye on the old Buyer Persona Generator page was the copy. Copywriting is the ability to translate the abstract into a literary figure. It is the power to awaken emotions and desires through words.

You can also lose your way and turn the whole thing into a tragedy, so… be careful with that.

When you write something hoping it will trigger a reaction, don’t just introduce or describe what it is about. To deliver truly effective copywriting, you must.

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