It’s done, the first Distill ‘workshop was held at the 50A distillery on Wednesday May 29th . Offered by 50A and 1001 Ideas , this training offers Central-African-Republic Email List (business manager, communication manager, HR Director) to play at innovating. To play, yes! With cards, files, QR codes … None of the workshops will be identical because the game is evolving and will never stop adding new cards, new characters, new innovations …

50A innovation creative workshops creative warm-up Arrived at 9 am, the participants did a little warm-up to prepare the brain to innovate. Viennese pastries and orange juice were available because it is well known that innovation requires strength (no, good…).

Creative Recycling

After 7 to 10 ideas reviewed and noted, the one with the best score and the one with the worst are kept to move on to the next stage of the game: The scenario.

Central-African-Republic Email List

Each participant draws a “role” card: mayor, teacher, company manager, truck driver, dog (!)… Associated in teams of 2, the participants have 10 minutes to propose an application of the chosen innovation and adapt it, transform it for the benefit of the role they have assumed: It is creative recycling. After this deadline, each team presents the idea they have made. Once the presentations are completed, each participant votes individually for the most original / effective / innovative idea.

What Are Your Development Techniques?

Soon, a new session will be opened on the theme “From the side of home”. Collaborative consumption, new neighborhood relationships, sharing… 10 innovations will show how pioneers are creating new jobs and revolutionizing the products and services of everyday life.

Do not hesitate to contact us to participate in our second edition of Ateliers Distill ‘feat. 50A & 1001 ideas;)
– “On the home side” (collaborative consumption, sharing ‘). – “Here are the currencies” (crowd-founding, currency, new economic models’)

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