In your offer and making it very appealing to the seller, you’ll have a win-win situation. Question: Can I approach the business suppliers? Answer: This can Cambodia Phone Number be an excellent idea. Suppliers always know who are the sellers in their industry. They will feel an obligation to give their best leads to valued customers.

To build goodwill and assure

A strong relationship with you. Ask people in the trade which suppliers tend to sell to your target industry. Don’t forget the follow-up. This can be THE most important task to accomplish. Make it a point to call them once a month to remind them that you are still interested in becoming their customer. Question.

Cambodia Phone Number

Should I approach business

Or do they “jack up” the price of the business to accommodate their commission. Answer: Rarely does the broker’s commission affect how much you pay for the business. Plus, the participation of someone who’s motivated to get the business sold is a plus for the negotiation. They will actually help you in getting the deal closed. They will participate in the negotiation.

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