Let’s face it. People can no longer be “sold” let alone trick. With information at their fingertips (such as with the Internet), they can find out almost anything in a matter of seconds. However and unfortunately, there are many Colombia Phone Number companies still training their salespeople to use these outdated approaches. Prospects not only see them coming but they also consider such techniques to be insulting. I do say “outdated” because, in our knowledge economy more and more sales tactics are being frown.

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Several methods can  us to carve yourself a niche. 1) The first rule in pre-qualifying prospects is to specialize. The most common mistake newcomers to any field of business make is to think that by expanding their portfolio they will secure more business. Nothing can be further from the truth. Specializing and narrowing one’s focus as much as possible will paradoxically increase the likelihood of getting more business. 2) Specialization is in itself a fundamental marketing process. It’s amazingly effective in creating “top-of-mind” awareness among a specific target market. For instance, an accountant specializing in car dealerships.

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Accountant will. An advertising consultant specializing in print media for home furnishing stores will get more business than a typical advertising agent will. A photographer specializing in weddings will get more business than a regular photographer will. And the list goes on and on. Over the years, specialization has been referred to as “niche” marketing. As more and more businesses get started, the less time, energy, and money people will have to spend in making choices of those with whom they choose to do business. Specialization helps to solve that problem. Question: I understand the concept of carving a niche. However, how can I now attract consumers to my newly acquired business? Answer: Consumers will choose when they have a choice.

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