Irena is an actress and mother. Two concepts that in principle would not have any relation. But that reality has been the germ of her space: arte la chula. “When you’re a mother you don’t have time to sign up for anything. That’s why at arte la chula there are workshops for the little ones and other parallel activities for adults” .

Simultaneous activities. Fathers. Mothers. Children. The little ones learn theater while the older ones. Upstairs. Dance flamenco. A space of color and energy in which families will learn and have fun.

As we walk through the arts and crafts room. The theater and music room. Irena tells us about her adventure. “I really started in april. And I am delighted with the reception that she has had. These types of sites are necessary . At arte la chula you don’t have to sign up for just one activity. But you can sign up two days a week and decide which activity you want to go to «I want people to be able to unleash their artistic side. Have fun» .

The offer of activities

Enormous and very varied: family yoga. Dance. Music. Activities in english. Summer camp… The calendar is full in la chula. Color surrounds the walls and the drawings placed on them make la chula a space full of joy where time is shared with the family.

I am a person who is not afraid. So when I set up arte la chula I thought. What do I have to lose?

That energy is transmitted in his website and in his desire to constantly improve it. He recently signed up for godaddy’s search engine optimization product because he knows his new customers will also come from google.

Do you want to know a little better what is behind arte la chula? We leave you the interview we did with irena. I hope you like it!

2. Being a mother and an actress. Two concepts that a priori have nothing to do with each other. But which together have created arte la chula. Tell us. Irena. How did this business idea come about?

This idea first came to me as a mother. I wanted to offer other parents a place to do quality art activities with your children. As a family. Or simultaneously. Where the father or mother is doing an activity. For example. Dancing. . Yoga or pilates and the son another such as music. Theater or painting. And second. As an artist that I am. I studied drama. But I would also have loved to do dance. Learn to play the guitar… I wanted a center where I could do various disciplines.

What was your main motivation

To leave everything and start something on your own?

My main motivation has been the desire to offer an art center to enjoy with the family. I wanted a creative space where children learn to love art. Where parents spend time with their children. Where they also spend time for themselves while knowing that their children are in the same center having fun and doing a similar activity. In short. Connecting families through art.

There are many activity academies. But I wanted to do something different.

4. When you decide on an innovative idea like arte la chula in which you seek to unite families through art… what obstacles or complications do you encounter?

Well. Above all. The issue of licenses. Inquiries to the town hall. Laws. Paperwork. Finding the right place. The area. A lot of bureaucracy… You have to have very clear ideas so as not to fall apart and move on because the process is hard. But it deserves the sorrow.

5. If you had to take a step back. Is there anything you would change?

The truth is that nothing. Since I opened everything has been very smooth. Sometimes I thought that it should have opened at another time because in april signing your children up for after-school classes does not make much sense. But in the end it has been phenomenal. I have taken advantage of the summer. Which I thought was going to be the slowest time. To do an art camp and it is working wonderfully. All this time helps us to make ourselves known and so in september people already know where we are.


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