Building an effective product page is an art, and copywriting is the perfect tool for that task. One thing strikes me during my missions. A growing number of Mauritius Email List companies (because content marketing is major and crucial inbusiness to business

In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … ) pays particular attention to its deep content (blogs, white papers and now podcasts and videos etc.) At the same time, a glance at their product pages makes the specialist jump in his chair. Fun fact, I often see companies that get it wrong twice: for their deep content, they make unnecessary rules about content size and unnecessarily institutional character , and vice versa for the product pages they go to. write novels. It is also important to talk about your way of working if it seems to you to be an advantage over the competition.

Copywriting: 6 Recipes For Writing An Effective Product Page

Whether for a product page or a newsletter, the copywriting guide is an essential book The logic is however completely the opposite. If the techniques of storytelling andcontent marketing In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and …
apply to deep content – for which length and application are crucial – product pages require another writing technique: copywriting . (Be careful not to confuse Copyright with an “R” which has nothing to do with the content).

Mauritius Email List

That is to say the art of writing the maximum of things in a minimum of words, to simplify. To explain this well, I interviewed Sélim Niederhoffer, author of the Guide du copywriting , recently published by Eyrolles editions , whose efforts to promote the electronic book that I particularly like.

Complementarity Between Copywriting And Content Marketing

Copywriting will be used for the content marketing strategy, says Sélim. In the most important points put forward from the 60s by David Ogilvy, he tells us, is the art of the title, which is used in articles, the hooks of Facebook posts, tweets, posts on Instagram, in email subject lines, and, of course, on sales pages.

On the Internet, the goal of the copywriter is to get the prospect to click The content must also be structured in such a way that it remains captivating. We are at the limit of storytelling, he says. Copywriters are evaluated based on the click-through rate, the newsletter open rate, the sales page conversion rate. While the marketing content is more in line with a logic of marketing and brand strategy, which is assessed more in the medium or long term. Copywriters are more short-term, they want clicks, sales, which sometimes degenerates a bit, and takes a few shortcuts, notes Sélim.

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