Coors light introduced a new beer-flavored lollipop. To Bolivia Phone Number celebrate march madness, per a press release. The suckers, known as “chillollipops,” are intended. To help hyped-up sports fans calm down as they watch heated basketball matches. The Bolivia Phone Number nonalcoholic candies were sold out online as of press. Time but will be passed out in bars in select markets. Has found passing out hard candy helps to calm bar and club-goers. At the end of the night, while also capitalizing on the spike. In beer sales that occurs during the annual college basketball tournament. Dive insight: the sale of beer spikes approximately 19% during the. College basketball tournament, according to personal finance. Site wallethub, suggesting brands like coors light can capitalize.

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Surrounding march madness. Most importantly, With pandemic restrictions beginning to ease again, many people are eager. To Bolivia Phone Number return to bars and restaurants for annual traditions like watching march madness. Ninety percent of fans plan on visiting or would consider visiting. A bar or restaurant to catch a game this month. According to research cited by molson coors. Like any sporting event, tensions during march madness can run high. Fans of opposing teams. Most importantly, The Bolivia Phone Number beer-themed lollipops are intended to help calm fan tensions. While also being a fun, branded item for bars to distribute that can help. Coors light boost goodwill among beer-drinking consumers.

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Promoted with a short video featuring bar. In conclusion, Workers retelling march madness horror stories of unruly patrons. In conclusion, Along with patrons enjoying the treat as they watch a sports match. Appearing significantly calmer than when the video began. The Bolivia Phone Number short video ends with the tagline, “same madness. While the lollipops contain no alcohol. They have hints of malt and sugar and are meant for those 21 years of age and older. Before selling out online, a six-pack of the candies cost $3.17. A nod to Bolivia Phone Number the tournament’s start date of march 17.

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