When he had asked the question to experts around him, Joe Pulizzi. According to him, it was necessary to use the terms of content marketing with Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email Lists 
people, of content strategy with others etc. Basically, for him, it was a white cap and a white cap. Suffice to say that I really do not agree with this approach. The need for a content strategy upstream of the production of content itself, seems to me essential and primordial. In this sense, I am particularly in tune with Daniel Bô whom I invited to present his latest work, the update of his famous 2009 book.

I also agree on many of the points of view expressed by Daniel, and less on others. Of particular note, in my opinion, is the need to separate brand ed content and content marketing. We will come backlater. But let’s move on to Daniel’s interview which sums up his thoughts very well and gives the starting signal for a series of three that we shot this summer.

Brand Content 2021: Switch To Content Strategy!

From content to a content strategy Since the first book published by Dunod in 2009, water has flowed under the bridges. At the time, we looked at isolated content. For example, we were interested in BMW films which were little gems, and we watched them wondering: “How does that look in relation to advertising”? We are in 2020.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email Lists

The idea now is not to limit yourself to content, it is to take an interest in the editorial strategy throughout its duration. So, the content library, and the methodologies to understand the entire editorial ecosystem.
Today, the goal is to create an organization of content by thematic pillars, with a desire to serve an editorial mission I am Daniel Bô, I am the founder and director of the Qualiquanti Institute of Studies, a generalist studies institute, but which has a research activity, in particular on issues around brands, communication and retail. To go further and continue to decipher its trends, listen to our podcast on connected health:

Brand Content, Branded Content, Content Marketing Etc. Etc.

There was Branded Content, which has existed for twenty years, Content Marketing, Brand Content, Branded Entertainment… In fact, when we look at these words, each one represents a specific posture. The one I defend, Brand Content is a posture of global vision of the brand. Content Marketing is a bit ambiguous because, ideally, it would encompass all content in the service of marketing.

But in fact, the creator of Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi is a journalist who doesn’t really like marketing and therefore sees Content Marketing as a way to attract consumers and then connect them to the brand. This study was conducted on 40 people, aged 60 to 72 and found on Facebook, their favorite social network. Several aspects were discussed: their tourism practices, their food consumption, their relationship to technology, health, etc.

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