A Content Management System ( CMS ) project is an adventure. Almost an initiatory journey. Visionary Marketing designed in 2018 aWhite Book. The Uganda WhatsApp Number List paper (or whitepaper or position paper) is one of the pillars of a content ma … about this on behalf of eZ Systems , which you can download directly from their site. To design it, we chose a bias, on the one hand by avoiding focusing on the functionalities (which often monopolize the project launchers) and by focusing on the contrary on the main stages of the CMS project. As a bonus, at the end of the document, I share my experience on the subject by sharing my feedback from the field and my vision of the future on these subjects.

I will give you a few lines taken from the document in question, then I will take you to the preface of this white paper on the CMS project to finally invite you to read the details and listen to the podcast recordings of the ten great witnesses who have shared their experience with us including: Atlantic Group , Crédit Agricole , Council of State , Nice Airport and many others. To make things easier for you, I have included the interview with Xavier Isaac from Crédit Agricole.

My Feedback On The Cms Project For A Large Multinational Company

Much of this white paper echoes my own experience of deploying web platforms and setting up CMS in large companies that I have been through. And in particular a plant with sites project which continues to grow (which is a sign of longevity in a field where technology evolves day by day). This is undoubtedly a sign that the best technological choices are made over time and not in a hurry, an impression that I was able to confirm when writing this guide.

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This practical guide was also an opportunity to review the different stages of these CMS projects and in particular to structure them with practical and field-oriented advice, the result of our interviews with professionals in the field, who have carried out precisely this type of project. It was also an opportunity to take stock of developments in CMS projects, particularly in large companies and for major projects.


Evolution Of The Content Management System Project

On the one hand, the omnipresence of the “ digital transformation ”, a term on which we can debate, even if on the bottom no one will come today to dispute the preponderant place of digital, compared to what it was there is barely 5 years old. This is good news for the professionals who have invested themselves for many years in order to work on the strategic importance of the Web. This battle is almost won.

The impacts of this point on CMS projects are not neutral: professionalization of approaches, dissociation of communication and business aspects, collaborative and decentralized management of resources and digital capital … There are many breaking points, and these make CMS projects essential and fundamental.

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