The television revolution has certainly benefited television sellers, but in the long term it is content producers who lead the dance on the Internet, which has become essential. However, in 1996, the year Visionary South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List was founded, by the way, it was very difficult to predict the future. A visionary, Bill Gates, had anticipated it, however, and invented a phrase that you probably repeat often, without knowing that it was the boss of Microsoft who said it first: content is king.

And above all, are we not paying for the economic and ecological consequences of the consumer society which saw the heyday of communication to dad with TV ads and 4 × 3? Some also see the legacy of the student revolution as a spoiled rotten generation, which has led to too much laxity on the part of parents and teachers. It would also be an overly demanding, capricious and disobedient generation. According toLe Point is a generation that has abused limits, confusing sexual freedom and sexual abuse …

Content Is King By Bill Gates – 1996

Back in 1996, Microsoft allied with NBC to create content on the Internet. In this post written the same year, Bill Gates explains the importance of content and his vision of this sector at a time when the slightest advertisement takes several minutes to appear and where invoicing of small amounts is impossible online.

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Despite this, 22 years ago, the CEO of Microsoft already believed more in software than in hardware and wanted to orient his activity towards the production and sale of intangible content. This vision is all in all quite different from the one that was successfully carried by Satya Nadella around the cloud infrastructure and the Digital Workplace. But this vision is nonetheless prescient, and impressively correct.

Translation Of Bill Gates’ Text “Content Is King” From 1996

“I think a lot of the real monetization of the Internet will come from content, just as it has in the past with broadcasting. The television revolution that began half a century ago created a number of trades, including television manufacturing, but in the long run it was those who used the medium to provide information and entertainment that won the day. In the case of an interactive network like the Internet, the definition of the word “content” is very broad. For example, computer software is an extremely important form of content; the one that for Microsoft will remain by far the most important.

But for most businesses, the biggest openings are those that involve the creation and dissemination of information or entertainment. No company is too small in this area. One of the fascinating features of the Internet is its ability for anyone with a PC and modem to post whatever content they create. In a sense, the Internet is the multimedia equivalent of the photocopier. It makes it possible to duplicate content at a lower cost, regardless of the size of the audience.

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