we embarked on the Cambodia Phone Number List adventure! We met Julien (Murgey), our partner and CTO, thanks to the network. Epsor today? Epsor today has dozens of partner companies, several thousand employees on the platform, more than 20 million euros in progress. In terms of team, we are now 17. With Benjamin and Julien, we have divided the roles in a complementary way according to our profiles: Benjamin is COO, Julien CTO and I CEO. Benjamin supervises the entire “product, marketing and operations” section, Julien the “technical and product development” section and I the “strategy and sales” section. Today, the team is

distributed as follows: 7 people for the commercial aspect and customer relations, 7 people for development, 3 people for product design and marketing. The consequences of development? There is a fairly strong momentum today on employee savings thanks to the PACTE law. It is important because it reinforces the fiscal interest of the device and completely overhauls the subject of retirement savings. This opens up good prospects for the development of new products for Epsor, to better address this retirement savings market. Today, our priority is the acquisition of new customers and the increase of the notoriety of the company.

Introduction: Eric Lemaire

We are starting to have well-known companies, which will serve as references to accelerate our commercial development. Our goal is to reach the hundred or so client companies as soon as possible. At the same time, we communicate on social networks, we create content and we build relationships with journalists to build our brand and our notoriety. After more than a year of entrepreneurship, what lessons have you learned? I am delighted to have taken the leap of entrepreneurship, it’s a great adventure! For me, the risks were measured, there was no real fear of getting started. However, it is not a long calm river, it is a


demanding adventure, which demands constant attention, but it is important to have self-confidence and a good stock of energy to move forward! There is always a thread to pull to go further. Despite the more difficult times, like in all businesses, I find being an entrepreneur to be great. A bit like children: it’s exhausting but great! It is not easy to leave a comfortable position to jump into the unknown. The first three months following my departure from Société Générale were quite a dizzying phase. It was the moment when I did not yet have a precise business idea, this “waiting” situation was the most complicated. Since we had

Few Developments Needed

identical, in particular for spreadsheets. All you have to do is take the plunge to create your own extranet! Few developments needed Once the need is understood, we focus on the user experience more than on the code. Our goal: to create a simple tool, easily maintainable and easy to learn by everyone, so as to no longer need IT specialists. This is exactly what can be done when almost everything is already developed. These are the very specific parts that give rise to a little thought and work (particular functions). We are KISS supporters: Keep It Simple, Stupid. This is why we have contented ourselves with the strict minimum in

terms of development. When the elementary bricks are provided, you just have to assemble them as you wish. It turns out that Google Sites does this very well. The total cost of ownership is insignificant In terms of TCO, it will mostly depend on the number of basic and advanced accounts you need. With a free account, you can already consult the sites and Google Sheets, have a drive of several Giga bytes and the most popular applications (Gmail in particular). Business accounts cost between 5 and 10 € / month for very advanced access and more interesting professional applications. For an ETI, this can represent a budget of


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