During the early years of online advertising it might have seemed that it would eventually replace all offline advertising. Several decades later we are aware that both types of advertising not only coexist, but are also compatible in the same strategy. Advertising is not a single-position switch that only allows us to access either the offline or the online public. It could be defined as a double position switch where online advertising and offline advertising can be activated at the same time. In an oversaturated market, combining both forms of advertising in the same strategy will allow you to grow. Giving up offline or online mode is not a success, but a mistake. When considering our communication and advertising strategy, we must assess which media and channels will provide us with the best results. The greater the reach we have, the greater the impact of our message in society.

It is important to define the audience we want to address. According to him, it will be convenient to resort to some channels or others to communicate what our brand means. In addition, we will be able to adapt and optimize our campaigns Slovenia Phone Number according to the possibilities of each channel. Offline advertising complements online advertising What online and offline advertising will bring us table of contents [ hide ] 1 What online and offline advertising will bring us 2 Invest in advertising in a smart and planned way 3 Ways to Combine Online Advertising and Offline Advertising is the traditional strategy to publicize a new brand or product. It is more formal and often allows a greater reach than online advertising. It allows us to reach a massive audience, in addition to those who are not connected to the Internet.

When Considering Our Communication

In addition, offline advertising has continued to be the most direct way of bringing the brand closer to the consumer. Some forms of offline advertising are billboards, television and radio ads, magazines and newspapers, or traditional brochures. Online advertising for its part allows us greater specificity and flexibility for our campaigns. It attracts the digital consumer, regardless of where they are on the map and time, at a low cost and with the ability to accurately measure the results of the campaigns. The online medium also makes it easier for us to establish lasting relationships with the consumer, offering surprising content that is easy to create.

There is a wide range of possibilities for online advertising. Email marketing, social ads, display advertising. Search engine advertising ( SEM ) and online video among others. Invest in advertising in a smart and planned way Society pays less and less attention to advertising messages. This is due in part to the advertising saturation perceived by the consumer. Numerous ads in different formats spread across many sites. That is why a good advertising and communication strategy is necessary that allows us to differentiate ourselves. Differentiating our campaigns from all the others requires a lot of dedication and planning .

Advertising and Online Advertising

This will allow us to set objectives with which to compare the final results. When creating advertising, the elaboration and informative content that is offered in it is very relevant, always providing added value . It is important to adjust the design, strategy and duration. The campaigns according to the message that we are going to communicate. Ways to combine online advertising and offline advertising Combining different formats of online advertising. Offline advertising will help us grow the conversion funnel and lead us to attract new customers. Here are some possible ways to combine online and offline advertising in the same promotion strategy : Distribution of flyers or brochures that incorporate a QR code that allows access to an online advertising campaign or video.

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