This Saturday took place the now famous sleepless night ( , a giant thematic exhibition, at night, in Paris. At Botswana Email List , we said to ourselves that it could be interesting to analyze what was said on social networks, and in particular twitter, which favors emotion through the instantaneous nature of the mode of communication.

And also because in the 50A-Labs, through our projects and prototypes, we are developing tools for analyzing these social networks. The town hall proposed a hashtag: # NB12. We will see it later, although we have to follow others, like # nb2012, #nuitBlanche,… because only a small majority used the official.

A Few Tweets Made Up To 65 Tweets!

In terms of communities and influencers, it is difficult to say because the dispersion of tweets is very large, with few tweets. Overall, those who tweeted didn’t gain followers unless you had few followers and tweeted a lot – you lost. And except those who had a lot of followers, and who tweeted quite a bit: they gained a little. But probably that’s because people followed people who were considered important first because he had a lot of followers.

Botswana Email List

In a completely different register, Data Publica, offers us its TOP 10 of the most read interviews on its site. And we are happy to note that the n ° 1 is quite other than our dear co-worker: Karen Bastien, co-founder of the agency We Do Data. Le Monde preferred the condensed video option. 10 minutes to summarize the news of 2012 . The Express, meanwhile, is expressed in images, static, with its Retro 2012 .

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In April 2010, the publication of a video concerning the blunder of the air raid of July 12, 2007 in Baghdad during which an American helicopter opened fire on a group of civilians (including two reporters from the Reuters agency) made known the actions of General Public Wikileaks.

SnapChat betrays its users
In January 2014, the pseudonyms and phone numbers of 4.6 million Snapchat users were hacked by militant hackers. Created in 2011 by students from the American University of Stanford, this very popular application among teens allows you to send content intended to be self-destroyed after reading by the recipient. This promise of self-destruction lets users think that media is immediately deleted from the platform’s servers, and thus gives a feeling of total confidentiality.


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