The collective intelligence Switzerland Phone Number List to the ability of a community to bring together intelligence and knowledge to move towards a common goal. It results from the quality of interactions between its members (Wikipedia definition). I would like to tell it here through two examples to give an overview of its scope. Example 1: a troll gang stronger than the CIA After the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, actor Shia LaBeouf decides to protest and creates the “He Will Not Divide Us” movement. He sets up a live stream filming a street 24 hours a day, where he invites people to chant the movement’s slogan. But trolls began to seriously

disrupt the movement, and the police ordered the stream to stop after less than 20 days due to the too many overflows. Shia decides to change her strategy. He films a white flag, always according to the same principle of the live stream, on which is written “He Will Not Divide Us”. The flag is in an undisclosed location in the United States, and only the flag and the sky are filmed. The flag was expected to fly in the sky for the duration of Donald Trump’s tenure. But that was without counting the determination of some trolls to go all the way. Some saw this as the greatest challenge that had ever been offered to them, and an opportunity to

Example 1: A Troll Gang Stronger Than The Cia

provoke their political opponents. They therefore began to search for all the information to locate the flag. The first clues noted are: The clouds and the sound of the wind, crossed with the maps giving the weather forecast in real time The contrails of two airplanes, showing their trajectories. Video of the time of nightfall, which indicates the flag is in the eastern third of the United States Croaking frogs suggest a nearby waterhole But this is far from sufficient, given the density of air traffic in this part of the country – yet referenced live, the size of the perimeter where the different effects of the weather apply and the number of


water points. in the country. We must look for other clues. New material, found on social networks and in the celebrity press, gave more precise information about the surroundings where Shia was when the flag was put up. A photo posted by a waitress at a restaurant Shia stopped by, along with information from paparazzi narrows the area to be investigated around the town of Greenville, Tennessee. However, according to the information given by the air traffic maps, two planes were to fly over the area shortly after the discovery of these elements. Two planes were indeed seen on the stream, which supported Greenville’s hypothesis.

The First Clues Noted Are

By plotting on a map different flights seen on the stream, the position of the flag could be triangulated. Triangulation of the position of the flag using aerial maps giving the flight plans of the planes seen on the live stream But the perimeter is still too large to determine the exact position of the flag. At nightfall, other elements will make it possible to further reduce the potential perimeter of the flag. Thanks to the apparent movement of stars in the sky, another team of Internet users used their knowledge of astronomy to calculate an approximation of the position and angle of the camera. 4chan Internet users using their knowledge of

astronomy to determine the position of the “He WIll Not Divide Us” flag filmed from a secret location. These last indications, combined with a lot of trigonometry, made it possible to reduce the suspected perimeter to a minimum, confirmed by the information given by the weather forecast. The next day, an “agent” was then dispatched to the scene. He had to drive around the area and honk regularly, until the sound of the horn was heard over the stream, allowing crews to guide the driver in the direction to take. Quickly, the flag was located. The next morning on the stream, the sun was rising over a cap perched high on the mast, spelled

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