A recent article in the Express mentions Berlin as the capital of coworking . The Cape- Verde Email List metropolis indeed contains more shared offices than any city on the continent. “What could well become the organizational model of the company of tomorrow” . But yes, and the business of tomorrow is at your fingertips.

“Let’s work together for a better galaxy” as THE digital druid said in the year 2010. Still valid in 2020 and 2021 Sharing a desk to work, share ideas, or simply have wifi. In this concept, the shared space is essential, but what is also interesting is the network that can be created and which calls for an exchange and openness. And we are now opening our coworker space to girls… Does that seem strange to you?

Coworking Girl, But Why?

Our galaxy is populated by all kinds of mammals, but mostly boys.
This is a shame and we wanted to find a solution to balance our population… hence the launch of the coworking girl ! These four freedoms would therefore empower everyone to generate cooperation and exercise collectively, without necessarily being a programmer.

Cape- Verde Email List

But… “What if the utopia were to live in a society where users have essential freedoms? Richard Stallman gives us his point of view, claiming that if users don’t have full control, then the program is in control. And that therefore… it is the person who manages this program who controls them remotely! This type of individual is seen by RMS as a “proprietary program” which prevents the user from “really” using their software.

Prism By Nsa, Yes We Scan!

Mass surveillance remains in the drawers of governments, which will undoubtedly emerge from the security argument to limit our individual freedoms. The practices of massive information collection on an international scale organized by the NSA (American National Security Agency) since 2007 prove to us that we are far from knowing the extent of political espionage. Through its computer program Prism, which scans all digital communications exchanged on very popular platforms such as:

AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Skype, Paltalk and Yahoo !, the USA is illegally breaking into our lives. These intrusive practices revealed by Edward Snowden, go far beyond the simple framework of the fight against terrorism. This permanent espionage clearly calls into question our individual freedoms. Will democracy be compatible? Can the fight against terrorism justify the permanent surveillance of a population? Is democracy compatible with these mafia practices in the services of States?


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