What is the state of voice and speech assistants in the Netherlands? The National Voice Monitor 2022 offers insight! I got an exclusive look at the research and share some striking figures and facts with you. For example, did you know that the greatest growth occurs among seniors? And that call centers are increasingly deploying voice assistants?

When Google launched the Dutch-language Google Assistant in 2018 , the hype around voice and voice search really erupted in the Netherlands. With Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft, among others, a golden age for voice technology seemed to be coming. But in recent years, the dust settled and things got quieter.

The hype is over, but the developments are not standing PR Directors Email Lists still. Thanks to the National Voice Monitor, we get an idea of ​​how speech assistants are used in the Netherlands. I share a number of insights from the research and talk to Carla Verwijmeren (partner & CCO at Y.digital) about the developments.

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Familiarity with voice assistants on the rise

When we talk about voice assistants, do people know what they mean? 79% of the respondents are now familiar with voice. In 2020 this was still 75% and in 2019 70%. At 89%, speech technology is best known among young people, but the over-50s and the over-65s show the largest increase.

Use of speech assistants grows to 37%

37% of the respondents now use a speech assistant. That is 7% more than in 2020. It is striking that voice is more popular with men than with women.


Use is growing in all age groups, but most among the over-65s. For this group, voice technology can be easily accessible in terms of use, because you remove complicated user interfaces and can perform an assignment or ask a question purely with your voice. The research shows that the elderly are mainly interested in options for care. Think of making an appointment, requesting blood pressure or ordering a prescription.

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