Customer data has always been the puzzle of marketing. But the CDP could well mark a clear progress in the unification of this data to bring an Romania Phone Number List of the customer experience and the effectiveness of the commercial offer according to Antoine Coubray of Custup, author of a new white paper on the CDP co-written with publisher Imagino.

In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and … and the more we are obsessed with producing the content itself. I have even seen VSEs literally exhaust themselves trying to produce content to the point of completely forgetting to go sell. It goes without saying that this is a very bad method. On the contrary, we must organize ourselves to spend as little energy as possible to produce, in order to make the best use of the content in a sales logic. In this presentation, I will not discuss the organization of work around content marketing, so I will stop here. But it goes without saying that there are techniques and that requires skill.


The Cdp (Customer Data Platform):

Computerization has brought with it the promise of unifying customer data to end information silos. Over the past decades, many attempts have taken place ( CRM , ERP , DMP , etc.) which have all led to progress but have never globally resolved the problem of compartmentalized data, nor the disastrous impact of this compartmentalization on the relationship. clients.

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Who, in fact, has never experienced those call centers where you are asked for the thousandth time for your name and address when you always call with the same telephone number and have been a customer for years? Let’s not even talk about knowing the customer’s preferences in this context. Recently, however, the CDP, a concept born about two years ago, has brought a glimmer of hope and proposes to solve this problem in a sustainable way.

Cdp: More Than A Change Of Vocabulary

CDP is not opposed to DMP, it is an additional step in the unification of customer data. All the players in the marketing and sales professions have had to face the challenge of unifying customer data in order to speak with one voice to their customers. The paradox is that in the company, a single customer corresponds to N information, stored in as many data silos . a new fundamental step in the unification of customer data

Do not hesitate to share your experiences in this area with us and to contact us if you want to call on our content writing specialists ! A thank you page , which will aim, once the action has been taken, to solidify the commitment and the relationship with your new lead or customer. Whether they have subscribed to your services or simply completed a request for details, it is important that you thank the Internet user for the trust they have placed in you. It is also the unique opportunity to offer additional content that will allow the newly converted lead to stay in touch with your website. For example, you might consider linking to consumer reviews or other content that might be of interest to him.



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