And if you’re targeting lookalikes (which are currently built by country), you can’t target multiple lookalike audiences to reach multiple countries at once. So boosting is good, but there are limits… until you know what I’m going to show you . :)Can you boost a single post to multiple target audiences at once? Yes you can. And I find a lot of people don’t even know it’s possible. But you cannot accomplish this using the traditional method to boost Facebook posts. But, using Ads Manager or Power Editor, you can boost a post by creating a specific campaign for the boost. And when you do, you have all the power of Facebook Ads combined with the power of Custom Audiences. You will be able to configure multiple ad sets with their own targeting.

You Will Have Many More Targeting Options Available,

and you will be able to target multiple audiences (in multiple countries) from the boost in one go. What about likes, shares and comments? Where will they appear? It’s important to Australia WhatsApp Number List know that all likes, shares and comments on your boosted posts will appear in the original Facebook post (when boosted through Ads Manager). I know some people think that since you’re creating ads through Facebook Ads Manager, the likes, shares, and comments won’t appear in the original post. It’s not true.

They Definitely Will. For Example, See the Screenshot Below.

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

The engagement will appear in a boosted Facebook post. How to set up a boosted post campaign via Ads Manager Let’s say you just posted a new update on your Facebook page and you want to boost this post. But you want to deliver the post to multiple custom audiences, including lookalikes from multiple countries. all at the same time. Good luck trying to do it with a typical boost.

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