If the UX is not good, the visitor will spend a short time on the web, increasing its bounce rate. If a page has an abnormally high bounce rate, this is a signal to Google that visitors are not comfortable with the content. That is, it doesn’t satisfy your search intent as well as it should. Consequently, it does not deserve a good positioning. By improving the user experience, thanks to an SEO agency, it is possible for the user to spend more time on the page. This lowers the bounce rate and shows Google that the website is good at meeting the expectations of Internet users, which leads it to improve its organic positioning.

A first visit may not convert, but if the UX has been good, there is a good chance that the user will come back in the future . Therefore, a good user Qatar Phone Number experience helps loyalty. And all this can be achieved through SEO techniques such as: Have quality content. Structure the information well within the page. Combine the text with audiovisual content. Create menus that facilitate navigation. Website performance The third key factor for a good SEO positioning is the performance of the web page, especially its loading speed . Nowadays, users have no patience: if a page takes more than five seconds to load, they leave it and go to another one .

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This increases the bounce rate, leading to the situation we discussed earlier. Google will consider that the web is not as good as it thought and will make it lose positions within its particular ranking. One of the most important SEO techniques to improve performance is to reduce the weight of the images that are uploaded to the page . Within performance there are also other important aspects such as mobile usability . Nowadays, the smartest thing to do is to first make the web design to fit the screen of mobile devices, and then adjust it for larger screens. In this, SEO also plays an important role, because the information is not structured the same when the space in which it is displayed has different sizes.

Would your company website pass the ITV? Discover it here The importance of strategy and having an SEO agency SEO is a complex discipline that encompasses a large number of different tasks that are very difficult to tackle for someone who has no experience in this field. On the other hand, good results cannot be achieved without a previously defined strategy. What a specialized agency does is analyze what the starting point is to see where the brand is in terms of positioning and where it wants to go . Based on the information. It designs a strategy that encompasses the different actions that out and their timing. Creating a Search Engine Optimization strategy involves going through the following steps: Create a buyer person according to the type of business in question.

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Find the most interesting keywords to position. Analyze the competition and see how it is position. Select the images well and optimize them. Work on aspects such as the meta description and links. Check all the links and fix the broken ones. Create an internal link architecture so that both bots and users can easily move from one content to another relate content. Create quality and relevant content. Establish the parameters to be measure to evaluate the success of the strategy. Review and improve everything that is necessary on a regular basis. Why choose an SEO agency? Leaving the SEO work in the hands of specialists makes the ROI even higher thanks to the good results obtained.

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