Top 5 WordPress Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List to add your Schema tags The elements that make up a web page do not all have the same importance in terms of the information they transmit to the user and to search engines. Some are more essential than others. This is where structured data tags (Schema tags) come in.What are the pieces of information that will distinguish your site pages from those of your competitors? Customer reviews Note The price of the product The ingredients included in your recipe (if your site specializes in cooking) The opening hours of your establishment (if you have a physical and local business on Google My Business ).

But how can you make search engines understand that these things are more important than the others? The answer lies in the markup of this information through structured data tags and the display of Rich Snippets (rich results) in the SERPs. Summary What are Structured Data Tags and Rich Snippets? How Rich Snippets Improve Your SEO (Indirectly)? The 5 best WordPress plugins for structured data tags and rich results Schema Pro All in One Schema Rich Snippets WP SEO Structured Data Schema Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP WP Review Plugin Which plugin to choose?

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What are Structured Data Tags and Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets are rich information that appears around your site page’s blue result link in organic search engine results. The Schema markup (structured data) is an HTML code used to create and get these Rich Snippets. Here is a concrete example. example rich snippets garnier vegan shampoo Let’s say you like taking care of your hair and you’ve seen an ad for Garnier shampoos on TV featuring a new vegan range. In order to get more details on the quality of these shampoos and what consumers think of them, you will probably do a search in the Google search engine.


At this moment, as you can see above, you will get a list of several sites offering different vegan shampoos from the Garnier brand. The advantage is that these results are enriched with the average rating assigned by customers, the number of reviews, the price range in which the vegan shampoos are offered. Thus, the Internet user can already have a precise idea of ​​the product that he thinks of acquiring, without even having gone further than the results page of Google. Here is a summary of what Rich Snippets are.If you run a business on the web, we will advise you to tag your important information in order to display these Rich Snippets in order to boost your click-through rate in organic results.

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How Rich Snippets Improve Your SEO (Indirectly)? Technically, rich data does not directly affect your site’s SEO positions in search engine results. However, they can still give you a big boost to your organic traffic. For example, let’s say you want to make a Black Forest as a birthday cake for your sweetheart. In Google, you will search for this term. Here are the results you get: black forest recipe example google rich snippets Which recipe will you click on? One that is rated 4.5 stars and takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to cook? Or one that’s rated 3 stars and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to cook?

Option number one seems to be the most relevant The rating, the number of reviews and the description encourage you to go to for your recipe. This is how your Rich Revenue Snippets increase your click-through rate. And the higher your click-through rate, the more likely Google will notice you. But how do you add Rich Snippets to your site? The 5 best WordPress plugins for structured data tags and rich results For WordPress users, there is no need to dig deep into the lines of code to add Schema tags.

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