This is not the first time that you read this expression “Inbound Marketing”: between us, it has become essential when we are interested in Equatorial Guinea Email List marketing . Why ? Quite simply because it differs from “classic” communication methods, I named the outbound marketing represented by billboards, TV spots, radio, what some would usually call “advertising hype”. It’s a fact, consumers are more and more independentin their buying journey. Platforms have emerged: websites, social networks: so many new places that it would be a shame not to invest.

Because you have to live with the times, let’s look at the main advantages that Inbound Marketing would bring to you in Reunion Island ! This question may seem very simple to you, but in reality, it is a little more complex than that! Set yourself a specific goal to achieve and put all the means to achieve it!

Take Advantage Of A Phenomenon Of Natural Attraction

When trying to define inbound marketing, the first simple expression that comes to mind is “ natural attraction ”. By the profusion of advertising discourse which interferes less and less discreetly in everyday life, the consumer logically becomes hermetic . To renew the dialogue, it is therefore recommended to opt for the soft method.

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For this attraction phenomenon to work, you have to publish content that is relevant to them and that meets their expectations. Remember that today people consume differently: the Internet is a precious resource for collecting relevant and objective information that will intervene in the purchasing process.

Obtain Qualified Prospects

Thanks to all the internal structuring specific to Inbound Marketing, your client will go through different stages , this is the famous conversion funnel (do not hesitate to take a look at its definition in our article of the 60 definitions).

Let’s imagine that you offer to download a document in order to choose the mobile phone most suited to your use (see the example used in the previous part) and that in return, you ask for the name, first name and email address of the person. If the person fills in their valuable information, it is because they are showing an interest in your products, in this case mobile phones. She then becomes a qualified prospect .

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