To the meaning of “elected” at the beginning, otherwise it will only be “elected”. The facilitation of recall” will generate a grotesque democratic chaos. Instead, it was more of a “political hatred” operation. Not to mention that as long as a quarter of. The affirmative votes can easily remove an opponent. Which is simply a no-brainer for local factions. He gently took the dark history of sacrificing the youth and lives of tens of thousands of people, and asked the informants to hold each other accountable, and let the public focus on the evil of the informants and let the culprit’s fault lightly.

The problem that most highlights the current “

recall system” is the rejection of the original “majority election” with “minority in favor”, with less than 80,000 votes in favor of recall, overturning more than 110,000 votes a year ago. number. The recall should be based on the benchmark of Norway Phone Number the original voting results. This has nothing to do with the understatement of “public opinion is like flowing water”. If it is only to make it easier for the people to exercise recall, then the “recall vote” will not be able to demonstrate the intention of “election remorse”. ,

how can it prove that public opinion has changed

Norway Phone Number

when he was “elected”? When the logic between “results of recall” and “results of election” fails, it seems to be a democratic paradox full of contradictions. Further reading [Chart Analysis] Chen Baiwei’s “Miracle on the Sea Line” in 1 year and 9 months was unable to compete with the Yan family wave. Where is the key “4466 votes”? Did the Kuomintang really win? Oppose raising the threshold of recall in anger:

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