But also to improve Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List that you have been using a product for a while and its name disappears. If you wanted to buy it again, it would be difficult for you to find its name. But using visual search, you could take a photo of it and the visual search engine would show similar results, making it easy for you to find it. Among the main visual search applications we can mention Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. In terms of optimizations, this means that you absolutely must optimize your images: Make sure they are in high definition. Lighten their weight.

Provide a descriptive title for the image file. Fill in the alt attribute with keywords. Conclusion As you can see, working on your natural referencing is a job that will require a lot of time and seriousness. But considering the benefits that good visibility in search engines can bring to you, this work is well worth it. We recommend that you start with the basics: make sure search engines can crawl your site thoroughly. Then start creating content that is optimized for keywords and target themes. Then, get other sites to talk about you by sharing real value-added content in order to get backlinks.

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These three steps represent the foundations of SEO. Once these basics are in place, start taking more advanced steps such as optimizing your visibility on YouTube and your voice search presence. 5/5 (7 Feedback) You will like also : TOP 10 free WordPress plugins to boost 10 things to do if your site isn’t showing up in Google The Amazon vs. Google for research Top 5 SEO Quick Wins to boost your e-commerce SEO / SEA synergy: What strategy to put in place?


Structured data: the X factor of your SEO visibility E-commerce: Category pages better than… What impact will voice have on SEO in 2020? What is a good SEO backlink? The Illustrated Technical Glossary of SEO To share Gauthier Caizergues SEO DIRECTOR My name is Gauthier Caizergues and I have been working in the field of SEO since 2010, the year during which I forged my knowledge through several entrepreneurial experiences. In 2014, I joined La Redoute in the SEO team of Renaud Joly and Grégory Florin. I then joined the digital marketing agency Labelium in Montreal, Canada, where I held the position of SEO director for 2 years. It was following this experience that I co-founded Agence 90 where I am SEO director.

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For Obama’s emailing campaign during the 2012 presidential election, the goal was to collect as many financial donations as possible. Objective easily achieved since the 44th President of the United States has raised $ 690 million through the application of best practices in email marketing. Impressive. Email Obama Extract from an email sent during the Obama campaign and written in the 1st person With the 2012 campaign long gone, Obama’s email campaign manager Toby Fallsgraff and Chief Digital Officer Amelia Showalter have revealed some of their secrets.

The main axes of the emailing strategy applied: Optimizing email objects : Toby Fallsgraff said the most successful email objects were simple, familiar objects that you would expect to receive from other people like ” Meet me for dinner ”or“ Are you up? ” A / B tests : for her part, Amelia Showalter explained that the campaign team had carried out A / B tests, and not only on the subject lines of the emails and the sums of money they were going to ask for, but on the body and structure of the email itself. The digital communication teams have tested up to 18 variations to optimize and identify the best emails in terms of design, formulation, objects, etc

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