Brand content is an integral part of Brand Culture explains Daniel Bô in this video interview (here is the second of a series of three) on the subject of Portuguese Timor Email List content, his book, an update of which was recently published. . Here, I ask him to restore the Brand content within the broader concept of great culture. The perfect opportunity to recall some basic principles of content strategies .

It is important to segment your text with headings, subheadings and paragraphs. Don’t write in one block, no one will want to read you. Do not hesitate to highlight (in bold or in another color) in moderation the most important elements (numbers, link, definition, etc.).

Brand Content Is One Of The Components Of Brand Culture

Culture is often seen through museums – an old memory in 2021 – but it is above all an expression of reality and the different components of life. The same goes for brands. Brand Culture Brand Content Brand Content and Brand Culture: yes! brands also have a culture, whether they are aware of it or not Brand Content is also part of this culture, it is one of its components, perhaps the most visible. A component that concerns all companies, Daniel reminds us in this ineterview carried out a few months ago.

Portuguese Timor Email List

It is important to note that when you launch a blog and start writing, you obviously have to know what you are talking about. A minimum of experience and knowledge is essential if you want to provide adequate information to your readers.

Definition Of Brand Culture

But first of all, to fully understand a concept, it must be defined. Here is the explanation provided by the site Marketing91 an interesting site which aims to become the repository of marketing on the Web . Brand culture can be defined as the DNA and values ​​that govern every brand experience, its expression, its interaction with customers, employees and other business stakeholders, as well as every point of touch. .

It is the culture formulated and defined by the company in which employees live the core brand values ​​to solve customer problems, make strategic and successful decisions, and deliver a high quality brand experience. to customers. This is clearer. Brand Content, in this context, also serves to “deliver a high quality brand experience to customers”. And these fundamental values ​​are not conveyed only by the sales processes, nor the clothing of the employees, but also and especially by the content which is produced by this brand.

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