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This article was born from our Coworking Lab . Bill and Christophe made their contribution, and allowed us to finalize this article. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, generated on the Internet, which has several advantages: peer-to-peer system, no third party, can be used in all countries and transactions are anonymous.

The First Question We Ask Ourselves Is How Do We Generate Bitcoins?

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The first way is mining. This is arguably the longest process: the computer becomes a “node” among the “nodes” of the BTC network. Once you reach the end of the block, you generate a bitcoin.
The easiest way is to do “mining pools”: we pool computer resources. It is a faster solution to generate bitcoin. Lightcoin is a way to generate lightcoins. Here, we map all the theoretical bases of Bitcoin, but mining is done faster. It is possible to exchange lightcoins for bitcoins. Linden, Second Life currency, is also exchanged for bitcoins.

Initially A Micro Payment System …

3 years ago bitcoin was supposed to be a micro-payment. Today, the value has increased so much that one can no longer make daily purchases. We are talking more about a safe haven: some people have put all their savings into it, thinking that this currency will be multiplied by 100 or 1000. The most concrete example is this Canadian who put his house up for sale. in Bitcoin.

However, you have to be careful not to put all your money, if you can not assume the responsibilities. Indeed, last year Bitcoin experienced a crash which divided its value by 7.
The good side is that there is a number of Bitcoin fixed in the long term (at 21 million units): no risk of inflation . It is expected that by 2023 all bitcoins will be released.
Here we can see the number of bitcoins.

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