If you are passionate about the world of consoles, board games and strategy, you will love this selection of the best video game podcasts. In it you will find debates and gamer news, data on the different consoles, information on the most retro video games, wargames, role-playing and board games. To enjoy! The Pluto Battalion The Pluto Battalion is an outreach program about video games where you will find debates, interviews, gamer news and passion for the interactive medium. the pluto battalion Quick Save Saved Fast is a video game podcast specialized in analysis and diversified into 5 different programs, the main one being Gr Radio, a space in which they analyze current events in the sector.

They also have specific spaces dedicated to the retro scene, the seventh generation of consoles, debates and biographies. quick save The Voice of Horus The Voice of Horus is the weekly podcast dedicated to the world of Warhammer 40,000. They Kazakhstan Phone Number analyze news, dramatize novels, tell their background and talk about the game and the hobby in general. It doesn’t matter when you listen to them, but count on them to be your go-to weekly Warhammer 40,000 show. the voice of horus All Strategy In Todo Strategy they talk about all kinds of strategy games, whether they are video games or miniature games.

The Pluto Battalion Quick Save

It is a space oriented to the world of strategy games. Both in its physical and digital version. all strategy replaying It has two aspects: Rejugando is a tribute. The classic video game, with the rigor and research it deserves. And Playing , more current. Where they review and analyze the latest in video games. replaying Mana Reserve. It is the video game podcast where the best anime, movies, series and comics will also have their space. Don’t miss Mana Pool ! Mana Reserve No Hair in the Bits This is without a doubt iVoox’s most shameless gaming podcast. They tell you all kinds of things related to video games in a very entertaining way. No hair in the bits nintendo archeology Welcome to Nintendo Archaeology ! In this podcast they tell you the history of Nintendo and all the curiosities that surround it.

Do it little by little, in an entertaining way and all of it divided into comfortable episodes. Do you accompany them on this trip? Nintendo Archeology A Link to Podcast Video games and Nintendo through the podcast. News, interviews, debates… Space that is broadcast every two weeks and in which the entire world of Nintendo is analyzed. A link to podcast Reconnected Reconnected is your video game podcast with total independence, transparency, good humor and the necessary vinegar, on all consoles and platforms. Reconnected Bonus phase In Phase Bonus you will find videogames in general and Nintendo in particular. Timeless video games, cult movies, interviews…

Saved Fast Is a Video Game

Moreover, , many memories. Bonus phase Alex speaking Alex al Habla is the podcast where youtuber alexelcapo deals with the latest news from the world of video games on a weekly basis. Are you going to miss it? alex speaking All Mega Drive Todo Mega Drive is the video game podcast that pays tribute to the legendary Mega Drive and its entire universe. Moreover, you are a fan… Do not hesitate to listen to this podcast! All Mega Drive xbox planet is an podcast made up of a group of friends and players that reviews. Moreover, the latest news from the video game world related to the Xbox ecosystem. Both original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the future Xbox series X.

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