In terms of customer knowledge, B2B marketers still have room for improvement, because as improbable as it may seem, since it is the very essence of their Montenegro Email List , they would not always have a clear idea. of what people really want buyers

Buyer’s behavior in B2B: Internet and social networks have changed the behavior of … . Listening to this interview with Andrew Deutsch from the Fangled group , it may well be that some of us, who have significant experience in B2B marketing, find some fond memories of the field. In this podcast, Andrew discusses the disconnect between what marketers “see as customer requirements ” and what their customers actually want and value in their vendors’ products and services. At the end of this discussion, marketers business to business

Customer Insight: B2b Marketers Still Have Room For Improvement

Many B2B companies don’t know who their customers are
“B2B companies do have a bit of understanding of needs,” Andrew Deutsch told me, “but they don’t have a deep enough understanding of their customers, when they should”. One of the main problems is that companies are promoting things that they are proud of and have built their business on, in a way that doesn’t really matter to the customer . This is because those are not the underlying motivations or reasons why their buyers do business with them.

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B2B customer knowledge
Register now to download this Modern Selling white paper that we produced for our client Sparklane, you will find elements mentioned by Andrew in this interview, in particular those which indicate the importance of people in sales (see the conclusion of the interview)

Knowledge Of B2b Customers: A Global Deficit

There isn’t one region of the world where Andrew hasn’t encountered this problem, to varying degrees. Some countries like Germany or northern Italy have very strong skills in industrial engineering and are even more exposed to these problems according to him. Companies in these regions sometimes do not always recognize the need to understand the demands of their customers and to serve them better in order for them to feel valued and a part of the company.

Global leaders in certain industrial segments are also not immune
Say you are building cars and your engineers are responsible for sales. The buyer of a new car is looking for certain benefits, for example, he wants to impress people of the opposite sex and be “the coolest guy”, explains Andrew [Editor’s note: the example is from the interviewee and not the result of ‘an editorial choice].

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