What future for the content marketing
In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and … ? I had attended a webinar hosted by Pushengage in August 2020, but had Saint Helena Email List translated this presentation yet, nor shown it in front of a French-speaking audience. I proposed this subject to Laurent Ollivier d’Aressy and here it is: Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 9:30 am, I will share my thoughts on the subject with you .

Yet this is the subject. For my part, I like to say that inbound, even stripped of its automation attributes (so content marketing more exactly), is a way to reverse the sale, by making people buy the product. Reverse the sale, but sell anyway, or rather, create a buying preference, a brand preference. Something that B2B mistakenly believed was reserved forB2C In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f …

In Short, The Goal Is To Sell.

Admittedly, to make forecasts at this moment, it is rather difficult, but I subscribe here in the long time and not in the illusory and ephemeral glory of theinnovation Innovation ranges from understanding (intuitive or not) of buyer’s behavior to the ability to … . Lots of hypotheses, therefore, and no cookie-cutter judgments but a sharing of experience with the audience which, I hope, will be rich. For the record, I add the mini video I recorded at the time to introduce this subject and which will explain the context. See you at 18!

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Everything Jean-François says here in this presentation seems to me to be common sense. Inbound marketing was a revelation for many around 2014, when themarketing automation
B2B marketing automation makes it possible to automatically manage marketing processes on several …
has developed a lot. Personally, I have always considered that inbound marketing is not limited to automation solutions and even that automation can in a certain way divert the spirit of inbound marketing. Let’s get on well, I have nothing against marketing automation, for which I co-designed a solution there was a time. In France, however, the two are inseparable. This is why I rarely use this term.

Practiced In A Homeopathic Dose, With Tact, Respect And Ethics

Marketing ethics covers a very wide field of themes. First of all, you have to see the … , it is a complementary and particularly interesting tool for the constitution of a community. Over-practiced, as I see it too often in the field, or put the reverse of common sense (i.e. placed in front of the production of content) it is completely counterproductive and terribly irritating, like what is described in this post from Mark Schaefer captioned “ Why Marketing Has Lost the North ”. Everything is therefore a question of dosage, a matter of ethics and also of priorities .

To properly implement these priorities and put them in the right direction, I invite you to discover this interview and presentation of Jean-François on Inbound marketing and social selling where he shows you through A + B that inbound is in fact ‘outbound . Hang on your seat belts, it’s very powerful. I try below to give, in a few words, a more or less faithful summary (he will forgive me my inaccuracies), which will allow you to keep a trace and above all, not to confuse the subjects.

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