In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … emotional. Nothing is more wrong in my opinion. The St.Pierre and Miquelon Email List of appreciation icons (like etc.) in LinkedIn is an important sign of this that is not misleading, in my opinion. Here is the subject of our debate this afternoon with Yaëlle Teicher, Frédéric Canevet and Fadhila Brahimi (start of the live video at 12:00 sharp). While they represent a part of consumer society, they are not heavy consumers either.

They often consume responsibly and seek the best value for money. They claim a certain authenticity: they no longer adhere to the diktat of youth and the idea of ​​slowing down time, but rather that of feeling good and taking responsibility.

It Is Customary To Say That B2b Is Rational And The B2c

The young people are however confronted with other problems, indeed with the aging of the population, the care of the old ones has become a major problem: the generation of May 68 therefore finds itself taking care of its parents and engage with the family circle. This is why we are witnessing a renewal of participatory housing.

St.Pierre and Miquelon Email List

These are semi-independent, semi-collective accommodation with a common space. Some sixty-eighters even commit to the end to break with capitalist society, by adopting the ecovillage system, a self-built and self-sufficient village. We will not talk in this article about the flourishing business and increasingly criticized retirement homes or EPHADS, moreover we will perhaps do an article on their digital strategy, which for some would need our services;) .

Towards New Lifestyles

Are the sixty eight still engaged? Young people are recasting “aging well” with more positive representations than those of former retirees who are often socially disrupted and inactive. Retirement is synonymous with personal development for them. They look to the future, think of themselves but also of others by investing in associations, or by creating their own activity thus prolonging their active life.

Of course, young people don’t forget to take care of their bodies and love to travel. These young people are now a little less than 70 years old and take the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest knowing that they are far from being bedridden! Especially since technological and medical advances allow them to better understand their health: “prevention is better than cure!” “. This gives them another ten years to enjoy it, “to live without downtime and to enjoy without hindrance”.

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