“Every business must be present on the Internet! Nobody would dispute this evidence today. But to think that a simple online presence is Oman Email List with success on the network is somewhat illusory. Already because you are not alone on the Internet. The web is the realm of excess! According to HostingFacts, there are already nearly 1.94 billion hosted sites on the planet! And if you think that search engines will attract people more easily to your portal, you may need to revise your ambitions.

Request a free audit of your digital strategy 5 billion searches are performed daily on the 15,000 billion pages indexed by Google. And the first 3 results provided by the engine alone collect nearly 60% of clicks. Are you at the bottom of the table? Too bad for you ! Clearly, if you’ve spent weeks fine-tuning your site and you thought that once it was online, the hard part was done, think again! Like a physical point of sale, without a visitor, a website is nothing!

Developing Your Audience Requires Strategic Thinking!

Fortunately, there are many levers to activate to attract Internet users to your online portal. A discipline dedicated to this operation has even emerged. Called “web traffic management” and carried out by traffic managers, it consists of developing operations on different acquisition channels in order to boost visits to a site: free referencing (SEO) , paid referencing (SEA), Social Networks, Mailing, Co Branding, etc.

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The activation of these different levers is obviously done as part of a strategy defined upstream . This will have to establish in particular what are the objectives you want to achieve with your site. If it is an online sales store, your goal will be to generate online sales, for example. Your traffic acquisition strategy should therefore be based on methods aimed at maximizing the conversion rate. This will require attracting, as much as possible qualified Internet users, likely to be interested in your products.

A Remote Digital Expert Guide

If you are a company providing services, it may be more interesting to offer content that highlights your expertise. In this case you will have a lot of high added value and regularly updated content like blog posts so that you can attract visitors who are looking for specific keywords or phrases on search engines.

In all cases, the implementation of a traffic management strategy includes a stage of reflection around the targets to be reached. This work is important because it makes it possible in particular to define which communication channels are used by your targets. If your product is aimed at a B2B clientele, for example, you will turn for example primarily to a social network such as LinkedIn or to mailing. For a general public and relatively young target, Instagram will surely be more appropriate.

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