Promoting the growth of the sector in Spain and Latin America. A model similar to that offered by video streaming platforms such. As Netflix will be consolidate with the increase in own content and payment by subscription to access a single catalogue. Creators must rely on established platforms that help them reach large audiences. Connect with their target audience and access reliable metrics. Direct podcast listener subscriptions. A well-established monetization route, and more and more podcasters will embrace this strategy. Advertising investment in podcasts will continue to grow, thanks to the commitment of large brands to digital audio advertising, with the consolidation of formats such as branded content and sponsorships, and initiatives such as iVoox for Brands that connect them with the creator .

Podcasts are one of the biggest current trends, and will continue to be protagonists in the coming years, leading the consumption of entertainment and Colombia Phone Numbers training content . In this context, at iVoox we closed the year with more than 700M listeners, more than 5 million unique users per month, and more than 2M euros generated for content creators, through our different monetization schemes. Our exclusive content, the acceptance of the audience for the subscription payment and the professionalization of the podcaster through the monetization of their creations, will be key to the definitive explosion of the sector in 2022.

On Trends in Podcasting for 2022

Exclusive content on a single platform In a global market with nearly 900,000 active podcasts. Differentiating themselves is going to be the great challenge for creators , who will have to focus on increasing their audiences. Betting on consolidated platforms that help them reach their target audience and provide reliable metrics. Each podcasting platform will have its own catalog of free or paid podcasts, unique and exclusive, and that will not be an impediment for the listener, since 55.9% listen through different applications [1]. We are facing a consumption model similar to that of video streaming services, where users choose where to watch the content depending on who offers it. Likewise, the content published on different platforms prevents the podcaster from really knowing its scope, which makes marketing difficult.

iVoox has more than 60,000 exclusive and free episodes for its listeners. It is an ecosystem that allows creators to continue to grow and generate income. Avoiding completely closing their content on payment platforms. Podcasters can combine free-to-air episode publishing, which encourages discovery for new audiences, with extras for fans who support their content. However, and investment in the sector Podcast ad revenue is growing at a double-digit rate in recent years. Podcasts will continue to position themselves as an ideal channel to reach broad audiences within companies’ marketing strategies . This is demonstrated by the fact that in Spain 59% of brands use online audio in their marketing strategy [1] , and that advertising linked to podcasts and digital radio will end in 2021 with a growth of 38.5

After More Than 12 Years

At a global level, it is estimated that the investment in this type of content will increase to reach 1,600 million dollars in 2022 [3] . Brands will prioritize Branded Content in the podcast in their advertising strategy , since 73% consider it a priority today. Although 39% still use it frequently [4] , it is expected that by 2022 this figure will grow exponentially. It is a more integrated advertising format, which allows brands to link their values ​​to podcasts already created through mentions. Reviews or even dedicated episodes. Or by creating their own content and promoting it on platforms such as iVoox with personalized actions. Initiatives like iVoox for Brands bring podcasting closer to brands.

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