Long-form content must be more complete, addressing the central topic from a deeper perspective and attentive to the information demand of potential readers.

For that, longform content must have a minimum number of words, however, how long must an article be to be considered longform?

In fact, this is an aspect that generates much discussion. There are those who say that from 800 words, on the other hand, other professionals point out that to configure a longform, the text must have at least 1500 words. And does this really matter?

First of all, it is worth noting that there is no ideal or magic number, so the success of a content depends largely on whether it can meet the objectives of our content strategy.

Regarding the objectives of a longform content strategy, they can be of two types:

Structure a lasting bond with users;
Reach an interesting participation rate, known in English as user engagement.
Taking into account the objectives of the strategy, we can define the following specific challenges:

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Yourself on these objectives, it is important that you know in detail what SEO is and verify the number of words that the competition has used to occupy a good position in the search engines. In the Lebanon WhatsApp Number List same way, it is interesting to find out which contents have presented better performances in social networks.

With that information in hand, you can now define the length of the text. In general, it is worth mentioning that longform content has a minimum number of 1,200 words.

Reasons why we should invest in this type of content
We know that a good ranking in the most acclaimed search engines today does not depend solely on the number of words. To reach the first places in this search engine you must pay attention to 172 ranking factors in Google!

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This type of content to the strategy has become a powerful critical point to seduce. The algorithm and, therefore, conquer the top positions in search engines.

Below, we provide you with a list of the main benefits of long. Format with the intention of making you aware of its importance. And encouraging you to adopt it in your content strategy:

Are more shared on social media.
As we mentioned before, long-form articles attract the attention. Of internet users, including the audience present in corporate. Networks that expresses their interest. By sharing the content with their contacts.

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