I came across an Costa Rica Phone Numbers List article from the “Weak Signals” site titled ” Why Predictions Are Often Wrong (and What Lessons Learned) .” By the way, I also recommend the article entitled “why we must seriously be interested in Fortnite” which will speak to all those who have teenagers at home glued to their video games. In short, at the end of the first aforementioned article, we find the following remark to which my partner Louis-Alexandre drew my attention: themselves have not done it? ” I then asked myself: what about us, who precisely claim to support leaders wishing to lead their digital transformation? What if we were to do our self-

criticism, by saying in passing what we mean by digital transformation? Having made its digital revolution may mean using “native” tools from the internet age to make information sharing and collaboration more efficient. We used the Google suite from our inception in 2008, at a time when it seemed disruptive. In 2010, we abandoned all internal servers in favor of Cloud technologies, and adopted Dropbox when this solution was still unknown to the general public. We have almost no paper archives, and all our processes are dematerialized (with our accountant, with our employees, and with our clients when they accept it).

Having Made Your Digital Transformation

Having made your digital transformation means offering access to company data “anytime, anywhere, any device” and freeing yourself from internal material approaches. Thanks to our resolutely Cloud approach, we have been proposing for years a “Bring your Own device” policy (AVOP in French). See our articles on the subject, for example https:le-byod-pour-garder-vos-talents-et-aider-vos-problemes-de-tresorerieHaving made its digital transformation is not just a question of technology. It is also a culture of collaboration and transparency, accountability, customer focus. These values ​​are at the heart of our DNA. We have the will to be a “liberated company” with all that


that can involve errors, dead ends, but also victories. Our culture of transparency goes to the taboo of our French society on compensation issues, or on the shared vision of everyone’s performance. See our articles on the subject, for example: entreprise- liberee- experimentations-2 or https: And if we are talking about putting customer love at the heart of our concerns, then I tell myself that the satisfaction surveys that we have been carrying out for several years and which give us a Net Promoter Score of 75 (when the average for our sector is lower) to 20) say a few

More Generally, Digital Transformation

things about our efforts on this point. See here. Having made your digital transformation certainly means being an informed and benchmark user on social networks. On this, we have great room for improvement. On an individual basis, the presence on social networks varies greatly from one consultant to another. By character, I am undoubtedly one of those who have the most difficulty with the tyranny of the short sentence in real time, and the part of superficiality that these new media entail. But I also know their power and my personal under-exploitation of the network effect they allow. Collectively, we are making progress, but

ISlean’s echo on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others is much lower than it could be. More generally, digital transformation is also digital marketing. A new way to talk to customers and prospects, to get them to come to us rather than to broadcast them advertisements. On this level, to paraphrase Talleyrand, when we look at each other, we are sorry, when we compare ourselves, we console ourselves. Of course we do a job which is essentially based on the trust and “intimacy” that we establish with our clients. This is why the personal network will always be the first source of business. But for 10 years we have bet that a site is not

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