Search engines – and Google in the first place – have they become useless? While more than half of Internet searches already lead to no clicks, it’s South Africa Phone Number List to ask a question that may seem counter-intuitive but which seems crucial to me: are search engines still useful and would it not be time to move on? Here is an investigation that I have tried to carry out most seriously, which will show that the real culprit of the digital monopolies are neither the States nor the digital giants, but yourself ! This article is updated regularly (last update 21 October 2021)

When the consumer visits your Products page, obviously your goal is to click on the buy button and become a customer. It is important that your Call-To-Action is visible and clear to get the customer to click . To do this, run a few A / B tests by varying the position, color, shape or even the message of your CTA to see which combination offers the best conversion rate .

Are Search Engines Useless? And Google, In Particular

On the part of the engine choice, for my part, I have already partially answered this question because I switched to DuckDuckgo (or for short) for more than six months and I am not ready to go back . I am not alone, even if the number of users of this engine remains modest ( around 5 million users worldwide, half of them in the USA).

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It was by reading James Temperton’s article in Wired UK (see below) that I took the plunge. After all, by 1997 few users had abandoned Yahoo! for Google. So we can give them a little time. Important note: I want to make it clear that my approach is not motivated by chauvinism, as I explained here , or even by the desire to regain control of my data. Honestly, I don’t think that any of the “ GAFAM ” – a term almost exclusively used here and which covers very disparate realities – has used a tenth of the data that has been stolen from me by good French or German companies. My motivation is indeed that of a broader vision of freedom of expression, of the Internet as a common good of humanity, and of universal access to information .

My Beginnings On Duckduckgo Were Rather Hesitant But I Had To Persevere

The beginnings were hesitant. A bit like when you go from an English car to a French car, you have to get used to the steering wheel and the gear lever not being in the same place, but you get used to it very quickly because the differences are not that huge and the tool is well done, the engine fast, without frills and the search results relevant.

There are of course other ways to optimize your product page depending on the type of business, the offer or the target audience. The 5 avenues for improvement considered above are applicable to any situation and represent the foundations of a solid landing page offering an optimized conversion rate for an Ecommerce site . Contact us to get a tailor-made strategy for your website!

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