However, makes us very happy to announce the launch of a very special project, the Backpack to the Past podcast , produced by El Terrat exclusively for the iVoox Originals catalogue , and which combines humor and historical disclosure. Its presenters will travel each week with a celebrity, —among them—, Raúl Cimas, Toni Acosta, Amarna Miller or chef Pepe Rodríguez, to a remote time to find out what five things they need to bring to return safe and sound.

However, with the aim of disproving idealized versions of history, and discovering how our ancestors actually lived. However, podcast premieres today with the extra content Efuterides , a trip to tomorrow with the guest of each episode giving their version of what the future holds for us. Journeys to the past with renowned guests Backpack to the past Dominican Republic Phone Numbers has 12 fortnightly installments that are interspersed with the Efuterides as extra content in the alternate weeks of the episodes. The first Backpack to the Past program will be available on December 1 , and will feature Raúl Cimas as the first guest, who will visit Nottingham County to greet Robin Hood; Later. However, actress and presenter Toni Acosta will learn about Ancient Egypt and what it cost Cheops’s father to put a pyramid on its feet.

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However, Pepe Rodríguez will cook for the troops of Alexander the Great in the Persian Empire. And creator and presenter Amarna Miller will travel to 16th-century. Germany to bring the manual on how to recognize and exterminate witches. According to Luis Fabra. With Backpack to the past we have come to provide a social service that was not covered. A on how to travel through time with your head. What are you really going to find in ancient Greece. Or in the Cretaceous? With each guest and season we make a ‘Choose your own adventure’ style game. Through their deaths or their successes we discover how things worked at that time.

They almost never have to do with what the series or movies have told us. The listener can play and find out how it would have gone for him. However, program is an adventure: you have a good time and you learn things. What more could you want?”. Exclusively available at iVoox Originals After the launch of Todo Pasa , Andreu Buenafuente’s sound diary. El Terrat and iVoox collaborate again for the premiere of a second exclusive podcast. Juan Ignacio Solera. The platform’s founder, points out: “His incorporation strengthens the company’s commitment to encourage the creation of new content. The investment in this type of own productions helps to continue bringing the podcast closer to the general public”.

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However, Mia Font, Head of the podcast at El Terrat, “ Backpack to the past is a brilliant scripted podcast, full of humor and at the same time rigorous in its scientific and historical basis, with guests who have a great time. It hooks you by explaining yourself in the decisions that the guest makes to save his life”. “Having iVoox again to broadcast this podcast, and openly, is one more step towards a great future together,” he says. However, the beginning, Backpack to the Past has become part of iVoox Originals, the largest catalog of exclusive and free podcasts in Spanish, which this November adds more than 20 new programs, such as No Fiction.

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