which could give it a Croatia WhatsApp Number List that your content is irrelevant. Moreover, MOZ SEO specialist Larry Kim has succeeded in establishing a correlation between the organic click-through rate and the positioning in Google . ctr-click-rate-position-seo-serp agency 90 However, CTR (Click Through Rate) is not as important as something called Pogosticking. What is Pogosticking? The Pogosticking matches the behavior of a user who clicks on a result in the search results and exit the page to see another result that is more relevant. seo pogosticking And if Google notices that people tend to leave your content towards search results, that’s a really bad sign. How to optimize your site for user signals?

The first step is to make sure that your content matches the research intent of your target keyword. If your content isn’t what the user wants, Google will notice. Once you have that in place, here are some other actions you can take to make sure Google users like your content. Write a clear and precise introduction. Instead of beating around the bush with introductions like “This topic is important because it is necessary to…” be more direct with a phrase like “Today we’re going to show you how to get backlinks”. Use pictures and graphics. Images are much more visually appealing than a 100% text article. Also remember that content with images is more likely to get backlinks naturally.

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Add internal and external links to your page. This way people can learn more about the topics you cover in your article without having to bounce back to the SERPs. Improve your charging speed. Pages that load slowly = higher bounce rate. Moreover, the online tool Pingdom has demonstrated through a study a direct relationship between page load time and the bounce rate. seo-load-time-and-bounce-rate Make your content easy to read. Use large fonts. Incorporate bullet points and numbered lists as well as H2 and H3 title tags to divide your content into neat sections.


Update your content. A major update to old content results in a freshness boost. Plus, users always want to read new things that are relevant the moment they read them. Other SEO factors to take into account urgently Let’s end this introduction to SEO with an overview of the other SEO trends you should absolutely consider in your strategy. However, we recommend that you prioritize the SEO fundamentals detailed throughout the article and then attack the optimizations related to these emerging trends. Structured Data Schema Tags A recent study by Moz on Search Engine Ranking Factors found no correlation between the use of Schema markup and first page positions. seo-schema-and-position-tags Some people have interpreted this result as the fact that structured data tags are not useful for SEO.

If Your Site Publishes Generic Content Written

And of course, if you think adding Schema markup to your page is going to improve your organic positioning, you’re going to be disappointed. One thing to keep in mind is that using Schema tags can increase your organic click-through rate . So even if you don’t get an improvement in your ranking, Schema tags can help you drive more organic traffic.

The integration of certain structured data tags generates the display of micro-data in the SERPs, giving rise to enriched organic results. seo-cdiscount-micro-data example If you look in the example above, Cdiscount for the query “Samsung 4K TV” catches the eye much more than its competitors in the SERPs thanks to the display of rating and price micro-data. The Quality Raters Quality Raters are people, human beings like you and me, commissioned by Google to assess the quality of the pages displayed in its organic results. Google regularly updates a guide, called Quality Raters Guidelines , which aims to provide guidelines for Quality Raters to assess the quality level of web pages. Among the most important factors that these reviewers will take into account

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