President Obama was the first presidential candidate to use social networks within his campaign strategy, it was a before and after in the use of Social Media as channels of linking with the electorate. Much has happened between then and today, and in our region there is practically no politician who does not have at least one Twitter account. On October 26, the so-called ballottage will be held in the 2014 Brazilian presidential elections . It has been a very active campaign in every sense and of great relevance for South America and much of the world. The Twitter team, through its data visualization tool , has presented a graph with the analysis of the growth of Twitter followers of those who are vying for the presidential seat in Brasilia.

We well know that the most followed on Twitter does not necessarily translate into votes , we see the case of the candidate Marina Silva who has just over a million followers on the microblogging platform, but at the polls she capitalized 20 million votes. We read a few days ago on the Twitter blog this interesting news that undoubtedly continues Spain Phone Number to reaffirm this platform as the most innovative company in Social Media in 2014 . So we did not want to stop commenting here what this new type of content implies. Audio Cards: the sound directly through Twitter. With special emphasis on musicians and audio content producers , this functionality of the platform comes to give another twist to the digital audio experience on the Internet and particularly on Twitter.

Followers of Brazilian Candidates

This new listening experience will let you listen to Audio Cards while you continue to navigate within the Twitter app. The launch of the Audio Cards is possible on Twitter thanks to the collaboration. Of companies that already have time in the audio streaming sector. With the renowned SoundCloud being the first to accompany this new feature in the tweeting world. A testing phase .This week Google has launched –for the moment by invitation. Its new application called Inbox , this first-born between Gmail and Google Now. Is the giant’s new bet to rethink email and that among other things will allow us to manage our information without open the message.

Inbox the new Google App for email By using Inbox you will be able to read and reply. The messages that have been sent to your Gmail account without having to open the application that we have traditionally been using. Although it will still be installed on your smartphone– Inbox will be launched, the App that according. Google will change the future of mail electronic. That future coincides with one of the company’s current products. Google Now . Just as Google Now works today to offer you information, through “sets” or “tendrils” based. On your digital activities (searches, calendar appointments, documents read). Inbox will go through your email to show you the best and most relevant, freeing you from the tedium that usually occurs. When searching through all the messages you have and they arrive in your inbox.

We Still Remember How the Current

The mission is to get rid of the irrelevant that tends to accumulate. Everything that arrives and “get to the point”. Inbox started about two years ago. When the Gmail team was trying to imagine what email would be like a decade from now. A very common exercise for Googlers (Google workers) within the . “We love email, but we think there are some issues to work out,” said Alex , team lead for Gmail. The biggest problem, of course, is coping with the massive amounts of email we all suffer from. The key is not just to get rid of it, we must respond effectively to this situation,” said. Inbox news Messages grouped by type. This is what Gmail has been doing for more than a year with the tabs for promotions, notifications, etc. Inbox does it based on icons in the same inbox.

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