Response in a SERP Australia WhatsApp Number List in illustration below. Much of the voice response also comes from featured snippets relating to local results through Google My Business . answer box and voice search Based on this observation, we will use our good old SEM Rush tool to determine if the pages of a site are associated with voice responses. Take the La Redoute site for the French market as an example . Once in SEM Rush, here are the steps to follow: Enter the site URL and select the country of your choice (France, in this example). In the left column, click on “Organic Search”.

Scroll down the page and in the “SERP Features” section, click “Immediate response”, as you can see in the screenshot below. ex immediate response sem rush ex dreads sem rush immediate results You will then see all the queries that you are shown in response to in Google’s organic results and for the most part, by voice. And it works! See below that for the query “how to make a complaint to the redoubt”, the site is positioned in Position 0 and is clearly cited by voice (you can test at home with your Google Home ).

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Our recommendations When implementing hreflang attributes for your website, take the time to fully understand the site URL structures and the content architecture of any websites you want to associate. Don’t assume that everyone has the same content using the same URL structure. Once you get into that, create a list of mapped URLs and use a crawler to make sure all URLs in the list are live and not redirected or have a different URL in the canonical tag. If you find any errors, correct your list. Even a small site changes frequently by adding or removing pages.


Therefore, regularly update the hreflang attributes in your XML sitemap. Normally, these actions will prevent the cannibalization of your various international sites due to the appearance of pages in the wrong language or in the wrong country. If you’re worried about having a cannibalization issue, you can analyze your pages in Google Search Console to see if the majority of impressions are coming from other countries. This quick and easy check can help you identify new opportunities to improve your site’s performance in a specific country.

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Search Console: A new tool to deindex your URLs! Google has just launched a new tool within Search Console, called “Deletions”. This tool allows you to temporarily block your pages from showing in organic results, show results reported by other public Google removal tools (for outdated content), and learn more about your pages. filtered by SafeSearch. It is via its official blog and Twitter that Google announced the arrival of this new tool. This is what this section looks like in your Search Console.

search console deletions section Summary Temporary deletions Obsolete content SafeSearch filtering Temporary deletions You can request the temporary removal of specific URLs on sites that you have verified with Search Console. Google has indicated that there are two types of delete requests available: Temporary URL removal, which will hide the URL from Google search results for about six months and clear the cached copy of the page. The ability to keep the URL cached but remove the snippet and cached version until the page is crawled again. Here are screenshots from the original article posted on Google’s blog. temporary deletion url search console temporary deletion search console options Obsolete content The Outdated Content section,

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