Although it seems that everything is the same, you should know that there are three categories of advergaming to take into account.

First, the games can be placed on the company’s website (or on a special game-oriented website maintained or sponsored by the organization) to attract visitors and retain them on the website longer.

The longer a visitor is on the website, the longer the company’s message is in front of them. As a result, the probability of generating leads is much higher.

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much closer to what we are used to understanding as video games. They are commercial games developed and sold (or distributed for free) to be played on computers or consoles, which carry the brand message at the core of the game design.

A good example is the Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List game America’s Army, a war simulation that aimed to increase the number of recruits in the US Army.

The third group of advergames is what we call in-game advertising, where the product or ad is part of the game. This is the case of Rocket League, an online “soccer” game with cars, in which the sides of the stadiums are always with the most varied advertisements.

When and Where to Use Advergames? Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List

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A very common mistake is thinking that advergaming will. Only attract the attention of young people between 18 and 25 years old. People often make an unthinking connection between gaming and. Youth by considering only action and shooter games. But the spectrum is much broader.

One of the most famous video games in the world is the. Infamous solitaire, aimed at older audiences. In addition, games with an arcade approach, such as those found. On mobile phones, tend to attract the attention of different audiences. Outside the stereotype of the “Nerd” and young.
The truth is that advergames work for any brand or campaign. The arkadium and blockdot studios, specialized in advergames. Have already made games for large companies in the fields of cinema and aviation. As well as interactive products for pharmaceutical and hygiene companies.

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