All brand audits need to start somewhere, and that needs to be with an honest assessment of why you’re planning an audit.

Is it a preventative audit that you’re doing just to make sure everything is in order? Or are you worried about something specific, like your social media reach or the functionality of your website?

Then create a framework for your audit that includes a list of topics to brainstorm with your team. Decide how you will tackle each problem and in what order.

Remember, if you are performing a full audit, you need to address:

the strengths and weaknesses of your products;
your competitors and their ranking;
the functionality and purpose of your website;
your niche and target market;
what makes your brand different (for example, price or quality of service);
current and future marketing trends.
2. Set clear goals for your audit
Before you can determine how well you’re doing in your branding efforts, you need to know what you hope to accomplish. Start by identifying your marketing goals and your priorities moving forward.

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Values ​​and challenges of your target audience?
How well does the public perception of your brand align with the desired perception?
How is your company’s market share right now? Do you see any ways it could be expanded or issues standing in the way of progress?
Once you’ve answered questions like the ones above, you can begin to identify your goals.

Try to Germany WhatsApp Number List understand why the perception of your brand is not what you want it to be and how to change this. Think about whether your brand could expand into additional markets or seek more share than it currently does.

Then consider what is most realistic in terms of how quickly you can reach those goals.

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Quickly and which will take longer? Also consider which goals will generate the most significant return on your investment once achieved.

3. Connect with your audience
A brand is really only as strong as its audience says it is, what others think is a critical factor to consider when conducting a brand audit.

Connect with your target audience and ask them questions about your brand to understand the difference between where you are and where you want to be with your brand identity.

Be sure to be thorough about who you need to communicate with during this phase of your audit. You will want to interview internal stakeholders, such as.

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