The first two activities Benin WhatsApp Number List out by French Internet users are, the use of search engines, and the visit of social networks. By analyzing the behavior of Internet users, we also notice that the smartphone is used by 33 million French users to browse social networks. social networks use 2019 This same study also shows us that social networks are actively used by 38 million French people every month. An active user is defined by the fact that he visits a social network at least once a month. Finally, among these social networks, the leaders in terms of uses are YouTube , Facebook and Instagram .

It is these last two that will interest us in the context of a digital communication strategy for the benefit of a political campaign. social media activity 2019 Facebook and Instagram to capture user interests We will not go back over the impressive rate of use of these two social networks in France, for which the figures speak for themselves. In the context of this article, we would like to focus on the very DNA of these platforms that are Facebook and Instagram, which revolve around their users, their interactions, centers of interest, and therefore, how to take advantage of these behaviors. as part of a digital communication strategy for your political campaign

And Services, Such As Google News

Why do political and advertising parties usually communicate via television media? Because people spend time in front of the television. Now people are spending time on the internet, and on social media in particular . On Facebook and Instagram, users clearly display affinities with brands, trends, cultures, or causes, without anyone asking them to do so. Of course, all of these behaviors are recorded and taken into account by Facebook for advertising purposes. It is in this context that our communication campaign intervenes. Social networks to build your audience The added value of a social network like Facebook or Instagram is that it allows you to convey your message finely to an audience corresponding to your electorate .


The essential step that will define the effectiveness communication will be building the target audience for your message. You have the opportunity to define this audience in relation to: At the age of Facebook and Instagram users. Their gender. The place of residence. Their interests: which Facebook pages do they like? Their interactions with respect to specific causes. The type of content they share. Let us take a concrete example. You are a politician competing for the first time in a local political election in the Nord department. A classic approach would be to plan a passage on the local television news of France 3 Hauts-de-France in order to be seen and heard by a large audience.

Google Maps, Waze, And More. ” Google Is Showing The Same Alerts

However, apart from the figures concerning the number of viewers who will have watched France 3, you will not have much more details on the scope of your message and what type of population it will reach. Where the classic television model sins in terms of targeted communication, the social media model excels. Let’s say that your electorate is made up of people who have these socio-demographic criteria in common: Young voters. A population that lives in Lille Center and within a radius of 10 kilometers around. A population who voted in the last elections for a Left Party. An affinity for environmental issues .

Facebook and Instagram allow you to build a tailor-made audience in order to convey your message finely and reach Internet users close to your potential electorate. On Facebook for example, we will transcribe the above criteria into targeting criteria that will direct the dissemination of your message: For the dissemination of our political message, we will target Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 35. We will filter these users according to their location and the fact that they live in the city center of Lille and within a radius of 10 kilometers around it. Among these users, we will focus on those who have liked and positively interacted with Left Party related .

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