What is at the intersection Bahamas Phone Numbers List artificial intelligence and digital sovereignty? The data. In Europe, we seem strong enough to legislate around the subject of data, our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) testifies, and so much the better. In Europe, we also have the skills to innovate in digital technology, as evidenced by all the start-ups present at this meeting on April 12, and so much the better. On the other hand, we do not own data (in large part) and that is what worries us: quite deprived of data that we are, how can we feed our AIs and establish our sovereignty ? This is the question that the speakers at this conference

Europe a potential data player? To this question, some of the entrepreneurs present also gave the answer of a virtuous Europe: “China uses data for purposes of subjugation of its people, the United States for financial purposes, and we, Europe, will develop platforms in the service of freedom ”. Platforms at the service of freedom of course, they still have to be used: believing in the European citizen is therefore believing him to be responsible as a consumer and as a digital player. Are we responsible? In the fight for data, the responsibility therefore seems to fall on all of us French, Europeans: We the citizens: responsible

Are We Responsible

consumers We entrepreneurs: responsible producers Our public administrations: responsible arbitrators Regarding arbitration, Philippe Kalousdian, founder of ISlean consulting, shares painful feedback (which you will find at 01:18:20 in this replay): in its calls for tenders, the French state does not yet seem ready to trust its start-ups – which nevertheless constitute its breeding ground for innovation, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence and exploitation data – and continue to favor large digital groups (Dassault, Orange, etc.). Our responsible producers are not all there either: take Airbus, which announced in 2017 its partnership with the American actor Palantir for the creation of its big data skywise platform.


What about consumers? I believe that consumer responsibility is utopian on a European scale: the choice of alternative digital solutions remains a choice for insiders and a marginal choice, and it will remain so as long as we develop our digital products and services as alternatives and not as disruptions bringing real and new value to users. We could, for example, be delighted with the decrease in the number of Facebook users in Europe; the reality is that these users have migrated to Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit in large part. Disruptive rather than alternative solutions Tristan Nitot – founder of Mozilla Europe and vice-president of

Disruptive Rather Than Alternative Solutions

Qwant since 2018 – was among the speakers at this April 12 conference. Qwant is a French search engine whose structural principle is not to collect any data on its users. Like other products and services presented during this conference (Whaller, Anaxago, Yoocan, Softlaw, the full list here ), Qwant is not just an alternative to the mainstream solutions of the digital giants: the start-up offers a service that has real value for users (in this case: keeping control over your data). While it is difficult, in my opinion, to capitalize on our responsibility as consumers to hope for a large-scale migration of solutionsmainstream towards solutions

made in Europe , is it not preferable to bet on what made the success of GAFAM, BATX? : bring value to users through innovative and disruptive solutions.The objective being to comply with the most severe regulations in order to be compliant on all markets. How to manage the risk? The study of the regulations and the portfolio makes it possible to know which substances are to be treated and the risk assessment formula allows us to have a global vision on the products to be protected as a priority. Starting from this point, it is necessary to define an adequate strategy for the smooth running of the securing and compliance

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